KES 3.1.0: Cosmetic fixes

This release contains one new add-on and a few cosmetic fixes.


Repair Lemmy code blocks (@Pamasich)

Location: General > Repair Lemmy code blocks

Fixes a long-running issue with code blocks federated from Lemmy on /kbin.

Lemmy includes extra <span style="color:#323232;"> tags enclosing every line in their federated code blocks which /kbin just displays in plaintext.
This add-on cleans up the code to remove such tags, such as seen in this example.


  • Restore browser default appearance of checkboxes and radio fields: top-level changes in Kbin's styling were causing certain KES input fields to render incorrectly.
  • Label OP: the OP label is inserted as a child of a comment's header area, which always has a 75% opacity applied to it by Kbin. Now the add-on's page properly shows the expected opacity of the final color when using the color picker.
  • Alpha sort subs: properly aligned names/links when sorting usernames on followers list.
  • Reduced verbosity of log messages in some mods.


  • Links from KES menu icons (changelog, magazine, bug report) now open in a new tab instead of in the current window.

In progress

  • Support KES turbo mode: properly propagate KES changes when KES loads in single page mode.
  • List total count of new posts/microblogs since last visit: this feature is intended for magazine moderators wanting an insight into the delta of posts since they last checked the moderation queue.
ghostatnoon avatar

There's a cosmetic issue I've been having with the script that this update doesn't seem to have fixed: with the script enabled, even with all its features turned off, certain divs (which as far as I've found are all children of main, with both the section class and the content id) are being given the display:unset style. This 1) removes the background and 2) conflicts with the styling for .section to somehow create two bars along the left side of the element. Examples are on the "add new thread" page, the login page, and in almost every tab of the "magazine panel" moderation tool.

I tried looking for the issue in the script and couldn't find anything that jumped out at me (I... also don't know javascript, so it was a bit of a shot in the dark), but I'm as close to certain that it's this script as it's possible to be. I'm able to replicate the issue consistently across three different devices (Ubuntu/Linux Mint laptops and Android phone), running the script via the Tampermonkey extension in Firefox. (I saw that this had already been reported awhile back specifically for the login page and that you hadn't been able to replicate it, so I'm trying to provide any device-specific information I can think of that might be relevant).

Anyway, I was pushed to finally bring up the issue today because although previously the issue has just been a minor visual annoyance, I just changed the background on one of my magazines to an image and now, with the script removing the nice solid background from behind the formatting icons on the new thread page, I can barely see them. :(


Thanks for the report. I did a quick test now and was still unable to reproduce it. I believe you when you say it is happening consistently. The soonest I'll be able to investigate this further is this weekend. In the meantime, it would be helpful if you could submit a formal bug report on GitHub and include direct URLs, screenshots, and the specific element ids/classes in question. Thank you.

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