KES 3.2.3: Hotfixes

Advisory: There was an error with an earlier hotfix, so the patch version has been bumped from 3.2.1 -> 3.2.2 -> 3.2.3.

This hotfix resolves minor issues with two add-ons.


Expand posts in thread index

Location: Threads > Expand post text in thread index

  • Fixed an issue with extraneous newlines being inserted before and after a post body when fetching the remote text.
  • Added the ability to set custom text labels for the Expand, Collapse, and Loading states.

Collapsible comments

Location: Threads > Collapsible comments

  • Fixed the issue observed in this thread. The feature now applies cleanly when toggled on/off on the fly, with no need to reload the page when toggling off. The style and appearance of threaded/nested comments is applied or unapplied accordingly. In addition, the issue with text not expanding in posts has been fixed. As a side effect of these fixes, I have removed the ability to click the post header or body to collapse/expand a post. At the time, the author of the add-on originally incorporated this feature for convenience, but it now goes against the KES basic design rules that add-ons should not insert event listeners (onclick events, etc.) into elements not "owned" by KES, as removing these becomes difficult later. Going forward, please use the +/- icon or the threadlines to expand/collapse nested comments.
  • Removed rounded corners from profile pictures, as this style was erroneously being set when collapsible comments were enabled

Hey, thanks again for looking into that issue!


Sorry if I forgot to ping you directly. I figured I would just patch the issue right away, rather than holding it off for the next release.

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