KES 3.3.0: Improved search and sort

This version introduces one new add-on, a handful of fixes, and improved searching and sorting.

Improved search and sort

New functionality has been added to the search menu, accessible by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the top right of the KES menu.

After opening the search menu, click the Show add-ons new to... to bring up a list of any add-ons incorporated in the current release. This can be a fast way of seeing at a glance what, if any, atomic features were added. This list persists through the current minor version, so if you are on, e.g., v3.3.1, this button will list all new add-ons as of v3.3.0. Under the hood, this button uses the reserved :new keyword, described below.

Three new search keywords have been added as a way of searching for add-ons matching specific parameters: :new, :recurs, and :login. Supply any of these keywords as the search query to respectively list:

  • Add-ons new to the current version
  • Add-ons that recur on the page when content is updated (replies, infinite scrolling, etc.)
  • Add-ons that require being logged in to use

In the future, other parameters may be added, such as searching by author.


Alternative access to All Content (@Pamasich)

Location: Navbar > Alternative access to All Content

When browsing a magazine, this add-on modifies the top link to redirect to the All Content page, which shows a combined view of both threads and microblogs, instead of just threads. This has the same effect as clicking the All Content button, so the add-on gives the option to remove the All Content button.


  • Hide logo: added support for Mbin instances in order to properly hide/show the logo
  • Prevent add-ons from applying settings in some cases if the add-on is already toggled off
  • Fixed cases where add-ons providing sub-settings initially set to true would revert to false
  • Fixed an issue where changes to kbin's styling caused extraneous checkmarks to be drawn next to checkboxes in the KES menu


  • Lists of add-ons on each page of KES are now alphabetically sorted, as are search results


  • The new_since key has been added as a key to the manifest. This can be included by add-on authors, but is generally added by the KES maintainer when preparing a new release. This key integrates with the search feature described above and allows for listing which add-ons shipped with a specific release. The value must be the numeric notation for the major and minor version the feature was added into, such as 3.3.
  • It is now possible to set the initial value of checkboxes to on (true) in the manifest in order to ship an add-on with certain sub-settings enabled by default.

Future changes

Some add-ons are gradually being updated to support Mbin instances, which have a functionally similar structure to Kbin instance, but subtle changes to the names and IDs of elements. If you use an Mbin instance and see that a particular add-on is broken, please submit a report.

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I think you forgot to fill in the actual mod name.


Thanks, fixed.

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