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convicting this guy of fraud and locking him up would be good for humanity

gravitas_deficiency, (edited )

Well, the idea of “I should buy Twitter” began with the thought that he could be a kingmaker in this years election.


Musk bought Twitter because he opened his mouth about it and the SEC said “no taksies backsies.”

FlyingSquid, avatar

Seriously. Why are all these theories for why Elon bought Twitter when it all happened right out in the open?


Dude was high af and said a stupid idea out loud. Then he agreed to it, tried to get out of it, realized he was fucked, and had stupid pictures of himself taken in which he was carrying a sink. What was supposed to be funny about the sink? We’ll never know.

FlyingSquid, avatar

His sense of humor is at a 6-year-old level, so it’s not surprising he has a 6-year-old’s logic when it comes to what is supposed to be funny.

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