Jon Stewart’s Show on Apple Is Ending

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Mr. Stewart and Apple executives decided to part ways in recent days, two of the people said. Members of the show’s staff were informed about its end on Thursday. Taping of episodes for the third season was scheduled to begin within a couple of weeks, one of the people said.

Mr. Stewart told members of his staff on Thursday that potential show topics related to China and artificial intelligence were causing concern among Apple executives, a person with knowledge of the meeting said. As the 2024 presidential campaign begins to heat up, there was potential for further creative disagreements, one of the people said.


Ok …so when will he announce his run for President ?

skellener avatar

He could just do a podcast with a smartphone. All it would cost is his time.

snooggums avatar

There is a ton of work that goes into the writing, fact checking, and other parts of production that would be missing from a one man podcast compared to an actual show. Yes, it would still be entertaining, but it would be a completely different thing.

skellener avatar

I’m ok if it’s completely different if it means he could do it himself, easily. Yeah, if he needs his staff for a bigger show, I guess he’ll need a production outlet.

storksforlegs, avatar

Hopefully hes offered a show elsewhere, or maybe he could go full podcast Conan style?

UrLogicFails, avatar

I do think it’s interesting that in two seasons of addressing “hot-button” issues, Apple had no concerns; but drew the line at AI and China. I really wonder what it was he was going to say that made Apple take such a hard stance.

Jon Stewart hosted The Daily Show for so long, I’d honestly be surprised if he ever needed to work again. To me, this means he only started the show because he really wanted to; and as such he can walk away pretty easily. I’m sure Apple knew that as well, so this must’ve been VERY important to them…


Apple’s in China inextricably. It’s probably like 60% of their global market.

Of course they’re scared shitless of offending the CCP. They’re money grubbing cunts, just like every other executive.

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