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I’m not a fan and think he’s generally a poor choice. But a short stint at a company two decades ago shouldn’t be an instant disqualification… The headline feels sensationalised.

Still incomprehensible Kaag wasn’t proposed, though. Or one of a bunch of other more suitable representatives.


Kaag has been bullied out of politics by extremists. She rightfully wants to spare here family the continued harrassment.

What is incomprehensible is that the government didn’t hunt down the people who threatened her and made an example out of them.


This man is a complete joke, I knew people that worked at the ministry of finance when he was minister, all he cared about was his image and at almost every opportunity he took the worst decision on the table.

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Headline implies he’s a fossil fuel company man, but the article points out that he supports elimination of fossil fuel subsidies and believes that fossil fuels have no future.


He was a lot less ambitious about combatting climate change when he was still in The Hague. It seems like he just changes his stance based on his environment/job.


Or he's looking for jobs that suit his changing opinions.

Hopefully he does a good job, should he get the position.


I really don’t think he is changing any opinion and I don’t think he’s a good fit. Actually I have no idea why they picked this guy at all.


Because he’s buddies with Rutte and his own party will be decimated in the upcoming election, so he needs a new job.

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Of course that could be the case, but less than a year ago, he almost caused the collapse of the Dutch government on the sustainability of agriculture in the country.

At least I can’t see an honest motivation other than his own opportunities.


Can you provide some context or a link on the sustainable agriculture issue?

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It was in August of last year apparently (does time fly). He suddenly wanted to discuss the agreed upon nitrogen-plans at the start of the formation of the government. This, to try to regain trust from traditional supporters of the party, farmers. They have been in recent times moving to a dedicated farmers party.

De harde maar omstreden deadline van 2030 is daarbij voor de CDA-voorman niet langer ´heilig´.

De boerenachterban, die traditioneel op het CDA stemde, loopt weg juist door het stikstofbeleid van dit kabinet^1.

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Wait til you hear about lying

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Hoekstra held commercial positions at Shell from 2002 to 2004

Literally a guy who worked for Shell for two years, two decades ago, when he was in his 20s.

This is a non-headline. Very poor form by the Guardian.

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That’s my EU!

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