One more reason to avoid and prevent chinese influence worldwide.

And another reason for me not to buy chinese stuff. Which is not always so easy, considering how incredibly much is “Made in China”, either in parts or as a whole.

I know it’s almost useless, and a bad joke in comparison of trading volume, but at least I can tell myself that I don’t fund an inhumane government.

(Instead I fund other companies which are suboptimal in terms of some ethical aspects, because capitalism in its current form sucks and there isn’t much choice.)


How do you find something that is is not actually made in china? As in, the parts and its making are done elsewhere


Research the company and try to find out how and where they produce. Sometimes the info is publicly available. A lot of times it is not easy to find out and may be even impossible. If you got the time you can approach the company and just ask them. It may happen that they don’t know it either (which I find disturbing), but at least that signals that there is an interest in such transparency from the consumers.


China is just trash. Not just their government, but culturally too.


I strongly disagree with the last part of your statement. The Chinese I know peronally are very good people, many of them friends.


The history of china is a goldmine lol


Man that took a long time until it was related to Europe


Yeah, I changed the headline to make it easier. Sorry.


Oh shit I didn’t know you could edit titles here

Much better title for this community


I mean. That’s exactly what i do in the game crusader kings. Assimilate the newly aquired population to the existing one to minimise the chance of a rebellion.


You know it’s bad when Belgium says you have a bad human rights record.

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