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They may have to unload them in the UK (where sympathy strikes have been illegal since the Thatcher era) and truck them all the way to Sweden.

EuroNutellaMan, avatar

Good luck trucking across the sea. And having to deal with the brexit bureaucracy

tryptaminev, avatar

You know there is both a tunnel between UK and France and a bridge between Denmark and Sweden?

Doesnt make it an efficient option, but it is possible.


I don’t know if sympathy strikes are legal in France, but if they are I could see the French Train Drivers join and then the Tunnel wouldn’t be an option either


I don’t think the French will pass on an opportunity to strike, no matter the reason.


Or whether it’s legal or not. There is a thin french mustache hair line between strike and riot.

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And I love them for that.

Krzd, avatar

We all love them for that. If there’s one thing you about french people you have to admire it’s their willingness to use collective bargaining and fuck shit up.


True. Still gotta deal with Brexit bureaucracy. They can’t just transport things from UK into EU without a ton of permits, fees and paperwork. Then they have to truck through two countries striking against them. Every avenue Tesla tries to get around unions can be shut down with another sympathy strike. Gas station workers can refuse to sell them gas for instance. If they’re electrical vehicles, well, there’s already a strike in place. Unions can outlast Elon.


Don’t the strikes need to target Tesla?

Like repair shops could prevent repairs because to get parts they need to interact with Tesla, which they will refuse, but if a Tesla needed gasoline, can a gas shop actually prevent a customer from filling their tank?

The strike isn’t against the customer, so I’m not sure that’d be allowed?


The strikes would target trucks transporting Teslas. Not actual Teslas.


So you’re saying gas stations refusing to fuel trucks transporting a Tesla? If those trucks are a 3rd party company would that be okay? Can they sympathy strike against a different entity?

100% agree if they are teala employees operating the trucks.

This whole thing and all the side implications are fascinating to watch unfold


More likely that third party company would be seen as scabs or join the strike. If seen as scabs they will get the same treatment as Tesla and individuals can even be banned from the Union.


Eventually I think Tesla wouldn’t use someone that’d also join the strike, so probably a foreign non unionized trucker, but treating then as scabs make sense then and blocking them that way.

Thanks for all the insight and discussion!


The UK is not in the EU. That would cost more customs delays, formalities, and costs.

Musk is an idiot. There's a reason companies like McDonalds cooperate with unions in Europe. It's cheaper.


McDonald’s actually learned the hard way to work with union agreements when they first opened in Denmark.

Here is an interesting read about it:…/when-mcdonalds-came-to-denmark/

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Fantastic read, thank you

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Unions are effective at helping people obtain a livable wage. Support unions!


This is putting heavy pressure on Tesla, Scandinavia is a huge market for them. And if the strike spreads to Germany, which it very well could, it could mean the cease of operation of the Model Y factory in Berlin, which would be devastating to them. I hope Musk manages to fuck up enough that he’s ousted from day to day control of the company.


Wouldn’t that be lovely


I hope Musk manages to fuck up enough that he’s ousted from day to day control of the company.

I’ll never fully understand how forcing his engineers to actually make the Cybertruck wasn’t enough to get him ousted.


I’ll never fully understand how pitching that box on wheels didn’t get him ousted


The oppinion of Tesla was way different back then, the cult of Musk has lost a lot of influence since then.


I dream of the day the board / shareholders oust him. They don’t need him. He adds no value. He only owns like 11% of the stock or thereabouts. He’s nothing but a POS. Why they haven’t yet only makes me think there are some agreements / clauses in place we’re not aware of…but I hope not. Maybe 2024 will bring some respite.

I imagine…Twitter closure, Tesla ousting, it would be amazing.


I hope Musk manages to fuck up enough that he’s ousted from day to day control of the company.

The thing is, he was supposed to step down as a condition of his settlement with the SEC over fraudulently pretending he was going to take Tesla private.


And if the strike spreads to Germany, which it very well could, it could mean the cease of operation of the Model Y factory in Berlin, which would be devastating to them.

A big problem is that Germany’s labour laws do not allow sympathy or political strikes. A strike can only be legally called in association with a collective bargaining agreement negotiation/dispute.

Germany will be the weak link in this cross-country wave of strikes.

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Fuck that shit. Anyone calling a strike illegal does so because they know they have a losing hand.

chemicalwonka, avatar

I shall look forward to witness a ketamine-fueled Musk disabling all Teslas in Europe out of spite while tweeting “Fuck you Europe, this wouldn’t have happened under Hitler”.


Isn’t it wild how this is actually realistic, now?

A few years ago I would have laughed at that absurdity, but then Elon straight up said some shit like “facts!” to antisemitic conspiracy theories and now I’m like…


After the latest interview where he told advertisers that pulled off twitter to go fuck themselves, yeah, very plausible.

To think that at some point I admired him… oh well, we all make mistakes

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Tony Stark my ass.


I can’t tell if you just used Tony Stark as a verb or a butt plug, but I would like to see you use Elon Musk in the same way.


That was done very much so to move the blame off of him for Twitter’s failure.

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I love this for him. I hope it makes his hair plugs fall out.

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