Let’s see if that sticks or if Poland just sinks deeper into facism with the next election. But it sure would be nice to have them back.




Stop it. That really his name?


Are you living under a rock? Dude was PM before and also the president of the European council.

ArugulaZ avatar

That just sounds like an even scarier prehistoric version of Donald Trump. "Unga bunga! Me Make Poland great again!"


Donald Tusk(pronounced Toosk) is the sane one. He replaced someone from the right wing PiS(pronounced piss).


At least you talk like you sound already.

AllNewTypeFace, avatar

Who will be a lame-duck PM until Duda’s presidential term ends (assuming that PiS lose the presidency), though at least he can act as a brake on any further PiS shenanigans.

MrMakabar, avatar

Can he not change the head of TVP and probably Orlen, which would really change the media landscape in Poland?

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