Bulgarian pro-Putin party announces joining EU far right group after Moscow visit

Far-right pro-Russian party Vazrazhdane has joined the far-right Identity and Democracy group in the European Parliament, deputies from the Eurosceptic Bulgarian party announced on Wednesday after visiting Moscow at the invitation of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party.

In Bulgaria, Vazrazhdane is the third-largest political force in the national parliament, which gives them the potential to have up to four out of a total of 17 Bulgarian MEPs in the European Parliament – which would undoubtedly help ID, currently the sixth largest group in the EU Parliament with 59 members.

According to the latest EU elections projections, the ID group is estimated to rank third, winning 92 seats in the new EU House.


Why are the self-designated nationalists always the worst traitors?


Because it never is about nationalism, it is about being authoritarian fascists. And being racist.

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