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I don’t want people to be mislead into thinking Hyundai are going to be easier to charge when considering a new car. Seen a whole lot of these “(insert brand) to use Tesla plugs” while completely omitting it’s because it’s a new standard.

And I’m not saying Hyundais are bad far from it kust that these articles are red flags for me. They are either shilling or bad journalists.


It’s also (obviously) a problem limited to North America.

Everywhere else Teslas and Superchargers use a CCS2 connector.

In Europe, non-Tesla charging networks together are bigger than the Supercharger network, and Ionity and Fastned have 300kW chargers that are significantly faster for Hyundai/Kia/Genesis than Superchargers.


Hyundai says Tesla’s Supercharging network will fully support the ultra-fast charging speeds on its Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) vehicles, including the Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6, and the upcoming Ioniq 7.

I’ve heard rumors of them using the DC-to-DC bus between Supercharger V3 cabinets to start pushing higher voltages for 800v class cars, guess that’s panning out after all!

Great news for EV drivers. Superchargers are just so damn reliable.

BombOmOm, avatar

Even more confirmation there is now a standardized US connector!

guylacaptivite, avatar

Yes that is important information. Don’t jump on a Hyundai based on this only as all manufacturers will do the same.


Hyundai is like the 15th company to make this announcement. No idea where you got the idea that people will jump on Hyundai because of this.

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Has VW or Mini or Toyota announced NACS yet? Asking out of curiosity, not against your statement.

cosmic_slate, avatar

Supposedly VW has been in discussions with Tesla about using the NACS connector a few months ago. I don’t think Toyota has said anything.


Toyota needs to actually make electric cars first!


Well the real standard confirmation is here:


There being actual standards process on going and so on. Mind you for benefit of Tesla, they did make good on their promise to make it freely available and have already issued a Patent Assurance Letter to SAE.

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Wasn't pretty much every EV in the US using the CCS connector? The only ones I was aware of that didn't use CCS were Tesla and Nissan.

BombOmOm, avatar

The only ones I was aware of that didn’t use CCS were Tesla and Nissan.

Correct. But that also means the majority of cars on the streets were/are using NACS (as Tesla dominates sales). Now almost every notable company has agreed that NACS is the connector to standardize around.

A big thing that hurt CCS is the charging networks are inferior to NACS networks. They just aren’t as reliable. (And that isn’t to say a CCS network couldn’t be reliable, it just is that the copmanies that built them out never cared enough to make them as reliable). Manufacturers with CCS cars saw themselves at a disadvantage due to the poorer quality network their cars were using.

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