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Two years after her body was found by police on the altar of a Pentecostal church in San Jose, California, authorities have still to decide whether her killers will stand trial.

Yo what the fuck? This should have been an easy-ass decision.

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  • Melkath,

    You know what the founding principle of America is: "Unification of god and State, in god we trust, we are a christian nation, christian leaders tell us what to do."

    Don't believe the Church of Satan when they tell you that this nation was actually founded by christian extremists who were escaping the Church of England, so even being christian extremists, they had the self awareness to go on to keep a firm line of "we have our strict christian values, but this land shall not be dominated by our religious ideals. People in this land shall enjoy a government that operates freely from religious control, and we can peacefully let others practice or not practice as they wish while we enjoy the benefit of practicing our own beliefs with civil relation with all other inhabitants of this beautiful and free land."

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    So are you saying we shouldn’t hold the religious people accountable for murdering a child?


    I’m pretty sure the first paragraph is /s material while (at least the second half of) the second paragraph is straight-up facts.


    Practicing as they wish resulted in the death of a child. How far are we going to let religious freedom trump law?


    Maybe I cometely missed the tone in the post referenced. I genuinely thought OP was sarcastically explaining the origin of acceptance of extremism in US religion. Loss of context in the limited medium of text.

    Make no mistake - these people are fucked in the head, should be tried (the right to a speedy trial should have been applied years ago), and when (hopefully) convicted, should get absolutely nuked from orbit.

    Anyone’s claim to practice religion (which doesn’t include child abuse, human abuse, animal abuse, or fucking murder) or to not is their business - until they force that with harm on another. (with the understanding that parents brainwashing their kids is currently acceptable, and my biases are my own). Kind of a: “your right to swing your fist ends where my face begins” thing.

    So, to summarize: while I don’t necessarily agree with prison violence and ‘eye-for-an-eye’ justice, these people can get fucked with a rake. And my heart weeps for that dear child.


    Sorry, I was slow in removing this one.


    Yeah, exorsce everyone involved. They are obviously the ones possessed

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    D&D sparked satanic panic that had a body count and this shit gets ignored for years?

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    Because this is the “right people.”


    This headline made me physically ill.


    Don’t read the article, then… :'(


    I sincerely wish her mother a long, pain-filled tortured life of agony. The only thing more painful than her existence should be the next part of her existence.

    And that’s the hugely censored version. Current law does not have a bad enough penalty. Throw her to alQaeda and let them have her.


    Claudia explained to police that her daughter had a demon because she would ‘wake up and scream’ in the night.

    ‘What I believe is that she was possessed, you know, ’cause I go to church.’

    Presenting: the forced-birthers

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    Claudia explained to police that her daughter had a demon because she would ‘wake up and scream’ in the night.

    I feel like crying. All kids do this. You address this by having a happy bedtime, keeping the room cool, keeping ambient light out… There’s so many options. My daughter and I talk about the parts of the day she enjoyed right before bed so she’s thinking happy thoughts when she falls asleep. And she still wakes up every once in a while. She gets a hug when that happens. Sometimes my wife sings her back to sleep.

    ‘Arely’s death made him question his gift to heal.’

    No shit, sherlock. Lock 'em all up.

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    Some days I wish the Rapture really will happen just so these fucking trogs finally leave us alone and we don’t have to deal with them anymore. Religion brings the worst out of people.

    Rinna, (edited )
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    Nah, if the rapture happens they probably won’t be a part of it, considering how they only follow the bible when it directly benefits either them or whatever leader they’re following.

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    This is one of the few times that i regret reading something. Im honestly at a loss here, this has got to be the most fucked up scene of all time and i feel nothing but sorrow for that poor child.


    Strangling Is not part of any exorcism I know


    How many do you know?


    Well there is few I seen from media. Catholic to shaman stuff.

    Closest to violence I have seen is from the boondocks.


    Which funny in context of show but IRL terrible that anything similar even came to this.


    Yeah, all the witch trials and Catholic occult bullshit in history seems to be pretty mild and rational.


    Not defending any of this madness but inquisition and such is not really about “cleaning” the posessed body. It’s more punishment chosing the wrong path. Doubt They planned on rehabilitation in this lifetime anyway. Not sure wtf these people were on that they went so far on child. I was a bad child. mom said I was highly destructive and she had to tie me up most of the time. Bet if I had these parents I’d be dead right now.


    I love that you had a straight answer for this. 🤣

    Also, excellent clip sir.


    I’m going to have to hug my 2 year old daughter harder than usual tonight…


    what the fuck


    Correct response.


    It’s always projection.


    First time I’ve wanted to have a “hide post” button on Lemmy.


    Got that in the app I’m using.

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    You know, some day extreme religious belief will be classified as a mental illness. I hope I live to see it.


    I asked someone who said they are a psychiatrist in another thread last week why belief* in any religion outside mainstream religions are classified as magical thinking while belief* in mainstream religions is not. I don't really care what beliefs people entertain as long as they're not mentally or physically harming* anyone, I just really want to know how DSM psychiatrists reconcile that.



    The difference is entirely political, not scientific.




    The reason why cult beliefs are considered mental illness is that most people don’t understand psychiatric guidelines. Psychiatrists are not supposed to discriminate against patients for their cultural beliefs, and if they do, you can sue them for malpractice. Unfortunately, average joes aren’t held to any psychiatric standard and can do whatever they want, and what some of them want is to discriminate against people different than themselves. If we want to change that, we need to take action to change that by telling cult haters to fuck off.


    I mean, I'm either atheist-agnostic or Omni -istic. I just find some decent ideas in several religions, but plenty of ideas that are hateful and disposable. Metaphors, similes, guidelines for ways that are either beneficial and constructive ways to direct use of our energy to ourselves and society, or very, very maladaptive and harmful. And that's how I use to differentiate what to keep and what to discard.


    If the organization has enough capital to hinder the APA, it is a religion. If they don’t, it is magical thinking and delusion.

    Maeve, (edited )

    So the ToS* flavor of satanism stands a chance ay becoming non-delusional.

    • AI autocorrect and/or network latency is really annoying

    Well, what did they say?


    I just really want to know how DSM psychiatrists reconcile that

    Nothing lol

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    They are asking what the psychiatrist in the other thread said


    Appreciated the giggle, after a long day! Thanks!


    There’s another option, which is that the extreme doomsday beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy and no one lives to see it classified as a mental illness outside of the momentary ‘oops’ when things are crashing down all around and no dead bodies come floating down from the sky to stop it.

    I think about Popper’s paradox more and more these days.

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