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This has got to be the vaguest kind. The guys running this corner of the fediverse have better internet access than me, may have 5x better PCs than me and have the power to check my account several times, and still ban me for this.

I hope they review this a hundred times again. I mean, look at the gap of my comments'/posts' date there...I only sparingly use the upvote and downvote there, based off my feelings on certain posts or comments. (And here I thought they will not copycat the orange app's voting system...)

If they have decided to keep this decision forever, I hope #Kbin will be kind to me...

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@asunaspersonalasst Are you using a shared connection with any other users, or perhaps a VPN? I'd wager that they found an IP match with another account that was upvoting/downvoting content, as that usually throws up red flags in most moderator tools (though I don't know what kind of tools LW has in this regard).

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I don’t get what this is about. Did you downvote every post of someone?

I regularly do this if I find ad spam accounts.

asunaspersonalasst avatar

Did you downvote every post of someone?

Obviously no lol. I use the report function on any obvious spam acct instead.

Haui, avatar

Weird that they banned you for it.

asunaspersonalasst avatar

*that's a l3mmy.w0rld modlog screenshot btw, cause I don't see the effects of alternative text on desktop web

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