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The people who complain about those in power, sometimes turn out just as bad. These admins probably rail against capitalism, how politicians can't be trusted, and the like, but then do this kind of stuff.


An application that has hard coded censorship also has other unethical practices, I’m shocked 🙃


What hard-coded censorship does it have? It's a shame to hear this, as it's seemingly a nice app.


One that I know of is that it does not allow you to log in to some instances (but I don’t remember which ones right now)

If I’m not mistaken, Husky has these restrictions removed

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They have hard-coded list of domains to disallow logging in. Logging in will redirect them to a rickroll video instead of the instance's login interface.


I feel like they probably don't want to be associated with those instances, considering they all seem to be extremist ones.

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They're certainly shitty instances. They're free to block them if they want, since you can always just fork the source and remove that bit.

But I don't think that the project is associated with any particular instance that it allows you to log in to. They're taking a definite negative stance. They're associating themselves, just as anti rather than pro.

Personally, I think it's a little silly. Despite the term being overused (and not even being a bad thing usually), its a classic example of the annoying kind of virtue signaling. Doing a silly little thing that makes no difference at all while trying to make yourself look good to peers. It's like they want credit for taking on the "extremist" instances, by doing a bunch of nothing other than some mild finger waggling.

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Oh no they are blocking the worst right wing extremist instances from using there work.... what a shame....

are the blocked domains which are right wing heavens

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And don’t most Mastodon instances have those defederated as well? They’re not part of the wider Mastodon community to begin with.


It’s against the principles of free software to deliberately restrict what a user does with software on their own machine.

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show me those principles please ?


Read the GPL or the FSF sties. Or for that matter look at opensource.org. I think you will find that use restrictions are not allowed. This is a basic principle of both free and open source software collectively FOSS.

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Damn it, Tusky is what I use for Mastodon because the official app is weird.

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Husky is a good alternative.

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