How to connect Lemmy and Mastodon?


It’s hard to find information about this in this early stage of Lemmy.

I know that there is a protocol “ActivityPub” that kind of allows communication between Fediverse platforms and instances.

My use case is the following one: If a specific person posts a tweet/toot on Mastodon, I want to automatically create a post in a Lemmy community.

Can you give me some tips how to achieve this? I’m a software developer by the way, so writing code is not a problem. But is it even necessary to write code?

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You can post from Mastodon to Lemmy by mentioning the name of the community in your post using the @ communityName @ serverName.tld format. The first line of your lemmy post becomes the thread title and the reminder becomes the body.


I tried this out on my mastodon account and it worked really well. Honestly, if browsing communities on Mastodon wasn’t such a nightmare I wouldn’t even need the Lemmy account.

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I’m hoping one day we’ll be able to follow communities in mastodon using the ! channel @ serverName.tld notation. It could simplify the way people maintain mas groups as well.

You can follow communities not using the double @, but all that turns up in your mastodon feed are boosts.

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If you copy the URL of one of their posts and paste it into the search bar of your Lemmy instance (you might need to refresh a couple times, and make sure the filter is set to all), then you should be able to view what community it’s posted in on your Lemmy instance and subscribe to it as normal. Then all new posts should automatically sync to your Lemmy instance and show up as a post. I subscribed to a Peertube channel this way and it worked.

Edit: changed from searching for user to searching for post and subscribing to it’s community.


I’m not sure that actually works. You can search for a Mastodon user, but when you try to subscribe the sidebar buttons are missing on Lemmy.

My understanding is that you can subscribe to a Lemmy community in Mastodon, but not the other way around. Maybe there’s a trick I’m missing?

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I cant find sidebar either

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Lemmy has no support for following individuals as far as I know. As others have mentioned, Mastodon users can post to Lemmy by @-ing a community, and Lemmy users can interact with that post normally, and with any replies in it (or other replies made by Mastodon users).

It’s possible Lemmy users could directly @ Mastodon users, though I don’t have Mastodon, so I’m not sure.

If you want to be able to follow both communities and individuals, then that is basically the selling point of Kbin, though Kbin isn’t for me so I don’t know exactly how it works and where in your feeds posts by individuals you follow shows up.

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Only saying this for general informational purposes, but if you want to be able to follow Lemmy and Mastodon content and post either, kbin supports that out of the box (masto style content is called "microblogs")

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Ah yeah it shows up as a user not a community. I think if you search the URL of one of their posts you can see the community it’s posted in and subscribe to that.


I’m a software developer by the way, so writing code is not a problem. But is it even necessary to write code?

Clearly an experienced software developer

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