Struggled with Fightcade cause scripts refused to work, here's so that others have less of a bad time (Also a bonus for Flatpak installers)

For anyone who doesn't know about Fightcade: every guide ever talks about these scripts

Getting the right ROMs:
Treat the json files as a list of links as opposed to scripts,
in the Fightcade client, hit Test Game and watch the error message
For Street Fighter III 3rd Strike in particular, we need two .zips that we are going to look for in the json files
To quicken the process, I recommend installing notepad++ (windows) or notepadqq (linux), open all the scripts in that program and

Notepad++: Ctrl+F > Find All in All Opened Documents
Notepadqq: Ctrl+F > Advanced Search > Search in All Open Documents

open the .zip link attached in a browser, place it in the ROMs folder (for easy access to that folder, click the ROMs menu in the top left of the Fightcade client)

Flatpak people:
Throw the ROMs somewhere in /home/[user]/.var/app/com.fightcade.Fightcade/data/winepfx/drive_c/ open your emulator via Test Game, and set a new ROM directory for it. (in FBNeo it's Game > Load Game > ROM Dirs...)

Anything else I'd just repeat the helping guide and faq back at you

hit Test Game and watch the error message

Thanks, this is great!

I've never used Fightcade to play online, but I still use it often since it seems to be the most "it just works" way of playing classic fighting games. The "Test Game" button OP mentioned will run the game so that you can just play singleplayer if that's all you're wanting to do.

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