TIL Nova Lox is smoked salmon from Nova Scotia. Never heard of that before. Is it nice OP?

Dhrystone, avatar

Super delicious. But don’t ask me to differentiate it from smoked salmon from any other country… :-)

I remember going on a cruise where they had a food bar open 24x7 on board; unlimited smoked salmon (amongst other things) and soda. Without exaggerating I must have eaten maybe 10-15lb of it over the course of a week. Ever since then I’ve been a huge fan. Literally.


You had me until capers. I don’t see how anyone can enjoy that overpowering flavor. Especially on a sandwich that has the delicate flavors of salmon and cream cheese.

Dhrystone, avatar

It’s definitely an acquired taste but the flavor combo works really well. For me anyway. Full disclosure, I destroyed my tastebuds with high-chili curries during my youth so anything light in flavour isn’t always immediately appealing to me.

Capers and salmon is a very common combo.…

Kolanaki, avatar

picking off the capers

Sounds delicious!

Dhrystone, avatar



I want it so goddamn bad but I can never bring myself to buy a $20 bagel… I love lox so much lol

Dhrystone, avatar

This one was only about $8. Worth it.


yeah holy shit that looks so good i’d almost be willing to pay twenty bucks for it. Fuck.

Bangs42, avatar

I was just saying earlier that I would kill for a good bagel place in town.

Hell, I’d kill for any bagel place in town.

danhakimi avatar

I will never understand why people put tomato on an otherwise excellent bagel sandwich. I'd forgive the incomplete bagel if not for the tomato.

Dhrystone, avatar

If it didn’t come with tomato I would have asked for it. Perfectly complemented the bagel. I finished every last bit of it, including the garlic scraps - thoroughly satisfying.


The Garlic Bagel, the only other sort of Bagel I find acceptable if Everything is sold out. I like the looks of your Bagel, son.


The ONLY problem with a garlic bagel is if you get one garlic bagel in a dozen, all of em are garlic bagels, with their pathetic background flavors muddling the garlic.

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