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farfarawaay, in Bicycle Mounted w/ Twin Submachine Guns - M1915 Villa Perosa

What in mafioso tarnation!?


Weaponized bicycles are real. Don’t need fuel to move relatively fast. And they’re cheap and simple to maintain.

BolexForSoup avatar

Yeah, but you look ridiculous so obviously we can’t have that.


sure, they’ll prefer to use electric bikes now, but the idea to move fast, silently and with a specific weapon on a very simple and easy to maintain bike to go and stop a specific vehicle is alive and kicking and i’m sure the russians in the tanks had a good laugh right before they were blown to pieces. It’s really not different from the panzerfaust fahrräder in the second world war……/ukraine-electric-bikes-nlaws…

NegativeLookBehind, in Rotary Action SMG - MGD PM9 (1940s-50s)
NegativeLookBehind avatar

I just have to thank OP, for consistently making these posts. So many interesting and weird designs I’ve never seen before. Thanks!

FireTower, avatar

Thank you too!

TheBiscuitLout, in Ad for Iver Johnson Revolver in the Good Housekeeping Magazine (1904)

Hammer away on your Johnson, without fear of unwanted discharge

DoctorWhookah, in Soldier Being Punished for Losing Rifle

His weapon was forgotten. This is as literal as this /c can get.

theodewere avatar

<forgotten weapon not shown>

niktemadur, in Supplies from Shot Down American Spyplane Pilot (1960)

Approximation from memory, without looking it up:

One fully loaded automatic pistol.
One miniature Bible.
Aspirin. Sleeping pills. Pep pills.
One pair of nylon stockings.
Two packs of chewing gum.
Five hundred dollars in rubles.
Five hundred dollars in gold…

Shoot… a fella could have a pretty good time in Vegas with all this stuff.

setsneedtofeed, avatar
jordanlund, in Why You Have to Take Your Shoes Off at Airports - Shoe Bomb (2001) avatar

And yet we can keep our underwear on……/Umar_Farouk_Abdulmutallab


Don’t give TSA any ideas. They’re not all idiots working for a Federal jobs program; some of them are idiots with power in a Federal jobs program.

MrSpArkle, in John Brown's Sword Used in Bleeding Kansas (1856)

…is it bad that I want a replica of this sword?

guyrocket, in Retro Ad for Massive Red Dot Sight
guyrocket avatar

Put a (light) gun on your gun!

LanternEverywhere, in Early Pistol Red Dot Sight (1970s-80s)
shalafi, in .50 BMG Pistol - Thunder

Not the same one, but I love this video.

jenny_ball, avatar

that is hilarious lolll

rockSlayer, in .50 BMG Pistol - Thunder

That looks like a good way to shatter your wrists

guyrocket avatar

Imagine it exploding.

Probably wreck yer day.

Psaldorn, avatar

Please insert thumb to continue

FireTower, avatar

Not to mention 50 BMG is typically made to be shot from ~28 inch barrels. This looks like less than 10 inch of actual barrel.


3” at best

NegativeLookBehind, in Finnish Belt-fed 22lr Improvised Machinegun
NegativeLookBehind avatar

When your neighbor is Russia, you have to be creative.

friend_of_satan, in Stock-azine - Nomar 1911 Stock Mag (1937)

So THIS is what guys in action movies are using. It all makes sense now.


sensible indeed 🤣

Beefytootz, in An 'Auto' Revolver - Mateba Unica 6 (1990)

This was the predecessor to the Chiappa Rhino. Super rad and I’m really glad to see it’s getting some love. It’s always fun telling people it’s a semi auto revolver, waiting for them to correct me, then showing a video of it.

guyrocket, in Bicycle Mounted w/ Twin Submachine Guns - M1915 Villa Perosa
guyrocket avatar

When you bring a bicycle to a tank war.

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