Stock-azine - Nomar 1911 Stock Mag (1937)

In 1936, Lewis Nolan Nomar patented this device, which is basically a large 40-round magazine for the 1911 pistol. He envisioned a military use for the device in trench raiding, giving men a compact weapon with a large capacity. Unfortunately for him, the device was both remarkably (and unnecessarily) heavy and obsolete the day it was patented. Not only was trench warfare a thing of the past, but submachine guns could and would do the job of his device better than it could. Ultimately, I believe only two of these were made and was never formally tested by the US military.

Ian’s video: [7:45]



So THIS is what guys in action movies are using. It all makes sense now.


sensible indeed 🤣


I have to say he looks exactly as I imagine bespoke gun makers to look.

theodewere avatar

the Thompson had already existed for 20 years, and Nomar thought the world needed this unholy thing


Not only was trench warfare a thing of the past

Ukraine begs to differ

FireTower, avatar

To be fair he wrote that ~7 years ago. It was a thing of the past for a while after WW1, untill recently.


One could say it was also a thing of the future


You need the extra rounds to compensate for this bulky thing interfering with your aim 😆

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