Looking for a REALLY simple video editor for win10, nothing fancy please! [E: already solved. Amazing, thanks!]

Windows Movie Maker used to be good enough, but for a while now it won't load mp4's anymore and I can't be bothered to try and fix it, and I'm really hating the online editors I've tried, so it's time to download some software!

Seriously - nothing complicated, at most I'm snipping clips to size, or cutting something out, so I need an easy to navigate preview and simple cutting tools, I can't even name any other editing action beyond "mixing" which I don't even intend to do, so you get my level haha



@AdvicePleaseThankyou What was your final choice?

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This is what I use for clips that I need to upload to friends. The Windows Xbox DVR saves the last 3 mins of gameplay, but I only need 15-30s of it.


Always worth mentioning the free version of davinci resolve. It’s feature complete for your described needs, doesn’t hassle with things like watermarks, and the tools are great if you ever need to step up to something a little more robust.


I do like da Vinci but:

  1. It requires a GPU
  2. It’s way more complicated than I need. I pretty much just want something to cut up a video and maybe add some nice graphics. Bonus if it has a way to align and replace external audio tracks.
aleph, (edited )
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For your use case, I’d go with LosslessCut as opposed Shotcut, Openshot, etc.

The reason being that it is much simpler and faster to use, and generally results in smaller filesizes because you aren’t having to re-encode from scratch.


Faster does appeal, I'll give it a look, thanks!

blindsight, (edited )

Nice. I should get that. I barely edit videos, but it’s almost always just simple cutting. Not losing quality and increasing file size to reencoding would be great.


Avidemux is very basic, if a little unintuitive


I remember having used Shotcut many years ago


Shotcut is amazing I still use it for work on a daily basis.

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OpenShot may be the closest equivalent I can think of to WMM. Either that or Kdenlive (which can be pretty complex).


Kdenlive looks entirely too overwhelming for me lol, but openshot looks perfect! Thank you!

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