That’s not including the 20:1 split, so his 5 shares became 100 shares… over $12k if he still has them.

samus12345, avatar

No, because he will buy them in 3003 and we don’t know what its value will be then.


True. I guess we don’t even know that it would be the same Amazon. Who knows what it could devolve into given the amount of time. Could just be an entirely new company that shares the same name as some random company from a thousand years ago.

ch0ccyra1n, avatar

@CorneliusTalmadge I like that idea.

Kolanaki, avatar

Probably less than now because MomCorp. has monopolized everything.


Yeah we do. He had 2¢ left, and was gonna buy 5 shares.
And since the writers are time traveling aliens from an alternate dimension, we know they were facts.

blazera avatar

who's gonna tell em what the show is about...


[crying] Bought $10k AMZN late-1999, sold in late-2000, because it lost like 50% value. A very expensive lesson learned not to play in the market. Ironically I now both know better than to buy individual stocks, but also have the fortitude to stick it out.

VTSAX and chiill.


Assuming you bought on Dec. 1st, 1999, $10k would have purchased around 2,300 shares. After the recent 20:1 split you would have 46,000 shares. Closing price per share today was $127.13. Had you held onto that stock, your $10k would now be worth $5.85 million dollars. Roughly a 34% annual growth rate. Not bad!


yes I’m well aware of how much I screwed up. Also owned a few grand of Applied Material (AMAT); bought and sold around the same time.

Then again, when I sold it felt like they were gonna be the next .com bubble victim. I panicked. It was a very expense lesson at the time. Even more so now in retrospect.

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