GauBan_Penguin, avatar

The RetroBit LegacyGC controllers have become my favourite pads to use when playing GameBoy and GameBoy Advance games on GameCube and GameBoy Player.

What pads does everyone like?

#GameBoy #GameBoyAdvance #GameCube #GameBoyPlayer #Nintendo #retrogamer #retrogaming

nazokiyoubinbou, avatar

@GauBan_Penguin Last gamepad I truly enjoyed using was the original MadCatz MicroCon PS2 controllers (before they went wireless and made other changes.) They've about had it and I got tired of having to buy adapters every time things changed though. These days I'm not truly 100% happy with anything. I mostly use the 8BitDo SN30+ (DualShock style design with a SNES appearance) but it's a bit stiff and I still had to tape mod it.

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