Dolby Surround is just weird to me. Why no just use multichannel wav/flac/etc?


Most people have just two speakers, and if you have headphones a good stereo surround software can actually be even better than the surround from multichannel

PanArab, (edited )

Wise man. I don’t care about Dolby but I do care about loading


Hey bro, just pause the game and play their jiggle on your phone if you miss it so much.


Was anyone complaining?

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I am so glad when a PC game just has the intro videos as separate file, always go there to delete them, I do it with every game.

pyrflie, (edited )

Thankfully skippable logos and SRS are standard now. Devs won that round.


Most games don’t use Dolby anyway. It’s PCM (although the console can often convert to DTS or Dolby Digital if you have a crappy old sound system).

Dolby Surround was only needed for mixing the surround channels into stereo output.


Things like these make might heart warm. They remind me of a time when video most games where about making a good experience for the users, not about endless MTX and soulless always online games that all try to be the same thing. Good to see that there are still some people in the industry, who carry own these principles.

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well I guess it was because the person who spearheaded the game project was also someone who liked and knew what games were about. Now that it has become a lucrative industry, the whole dynamics has shifted to something else.


That’s what integrity looks like


Now if they can just spread that to the rest of Nintendo…


Kirby sucks and blows anyway


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Oh, nvm, sorry

┬⁠─⁠┬⁠ノ⁠(⁠ ⁠º⁠ ⁠_⁠ ⁠º⁠ノ⁠)

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This took me back so fucking far I’m so old

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The hero we deserve!


It’s especially weird to have all that time dedicated to something nobody cares about. Who goes looking to see if a game or movie was made using Dolby?


Anyone with good media equipment cares.


You don’t need to be reminded about sound encoding every time you boot the game even if you do care.


Dolby (and others) have determined that it is in the best interest of their brand to put this alongside developers, producers, publishers, and others. It is now part of their license agreement.


Okay, and their ego maniacs for thinking they’re that big of a part of the game to be credited everytime. That’s why most people in the thread applaud the move.


I don’t agree, but it’s good that you always have the option of not buying a game with a brief splash screen.


It’s good that creators have the ability to boot parasitic vendors like Dolby when their licensing agreements are insanely greedy too.


Ok boss, sure


That information belongs in the specs/feature list on the encasing, not in the fucking splash screen as dedicated video.

For the buyer that would be too late and for the one who bought it already and now wants to play it’s utterly pointless.


It’s on the box. In order to license it the grantor requires screen time.

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No, the grantor requires fees. Screen time is just a bonus




Anyone with good media equipment cares when they consider purchasing a game. Nobody needs this info every time they launch it.


The two go hand in hand. Want DolbyVision? The logo comes with that.




Playstation 1 boot up sequence plays in background


You were down voted, yet here I am. A person who cares about surround sound options.


But do you as that person need to know that fact every time you launch the game or is finding out about it before you buy it from it’s technical information sufficient?

You can care about surround sound options, but a non skippable splash screen on every launch gives you zero information or use.


Nobody is advocating for the sound to play at startup. The comment that started this conversation specifically uses the word “looking”. We’re just saying people do pay attention to what kind of surround sound something has.


It must be weird to care about being reminded of what surround sound the game is using everytime u play it? Nobody’s saying they don’t care about sound quality, nor options. Idk how u can read this thread and that be your takeaway. It should be on the box/product description, no need for a splash screen in the game is what the argument is about…


I was originally responding to the comment about looking for surround sound options and was not trying to defend the sounds. Obviously, the info on the box is usually the best way to tell.

But as we discuss it, some use cases for the sound come to mind.

If the media is just a file on a hard drive or if the original packaging is lost or damaged, I might appreciate having the sound to indicate what settings to use on the receiver.

And honestly beyond all that… Who cares if somebody does like having the sound play every time? We all do weird shit.


yea, ill go looking for great movies and games which have good Dolby Atmos… but once i buy it, i dont need to see a splash screen every time.

Wish we could have a single splash screen with all the bits of tech. then its only one, instead of screen after screen…

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Sakurai is the goat.

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Oh fuck I forgot about Kirby Air Ride. That game was amazing. My mom and I would get insanely competitive over it.


The hero we didn’t deserve.

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You deserve it.

mlg, (edited )
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This scrub is why Brawl ran in slow motion and included random tripping because the 5 melee players scared him with enjoyable competitive gameplay.

It’s probably because they didn’t want to pay Dolby licensing fees, not because it makes a 2 second difference in the loading screen.

even see how this would affect the loading screen considering I run live AC3 encoding on an old laptop much older than the switch and it has zero effect on the boot and login time. nvm it was a GC game.

Basically every Wii game shipped with Dolby Digital no issue.

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The only thing worse than unskipable ads are the waiting screens (press a button to continue) in front of the loading screens.

I mean, the machine is capable of billions of operations per second. Why is it waiting for ME to push a button?


So that if you leave the room to make yourself a tea or something while the game is loading, your won’t miss the cut scene / beginning of the action / lose the game because it started without you present.


It’s just an arcade feature that got brought over


At least some games parallelize this. The game then already loads assets, caches shaders etc while the intro rolls.


Dunno if you want a serious answer, but 'press start' titlescreens that start up an animation if you leave it unpressed too long are a throwback to when if a screen showed the same image for too long, it would fry the image on to the screen and leave a little ghost image, so screensavers were a screen saver. This allowed one to demo software and just leave it running without worrying about damaging the product hardware.
These days however it is totally unnecessary.

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