What's your favourite colony sim on PC?

I’m looking for a new colony sim on PC. What I’ve played so far are:

  • Rimworld
  • Oxygen Not Included
  • Banished
  • Timberworld
  • Frostpunk
  • Anno 1800

I know some of these might not be strictly colony sims. What I’m really looking forward to is Manor Lords, but we don’t have a definite release date on that.

What are your recommendations?

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Pretty obvious, but Sid Meier’s Colonisation


Dwarf Fortress is great once you get past the steep learning curve.


Rimworld, especially once you get the mods going. I have literal hundreds of mods


Anno 1800 is amazing if you don’t like the survival aspect of the other games.



Ixion comes to mind. You are in charge of managing a space station as you try to navigate the last of humanity to a new planet. Its more directed than most Sims, with a campaign split in to multiple acts but I found it quite challenging and engaging.


You know… I was enjoying playing this until an unfortunate turn of events led to my people going hungry. They then chose to go on strike, but only in the places that produced food… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Yeah I was in the same boat. Things can go bad very quickly. I think the game expects you to hang out in each chapter for a long time and really optimize your station. It’s HARD.


I heard they improved the difficulty a little with a recent update but I feel like the ship has sailed for me. I may come back to it sometime because I found the story really interesting.


Same. I made it to act 3 and was immediately completely screwed. Hate to give up on such a long campaign run so I had to give the game a break.


It probably doesn’t strictly count, but… Kenshi.


Kenshin is so weird, I found it pretty late (like last year). If the sequel ever comes out I want to try it again


Not sure if you would consider it a colony sim but factorio is really good


I’ll second Timberborn, it seems like a simple game but it gets complicated towards the end.

If factory games are your jam then I can’t recommend Captian Of Industry and Dyson Sphere Program enough, both are S tier factory games for me. The Riftbreaker is another interesting combo of colony building and tower defense as well.


How can you even mention factory games without pointing out Factorio.


Oh that’s definitely on the list, I thought I saw someone else mention it facepalm


Satisfactory is another worth including in the factory games list.


Oh absolutely, I’m ashamed I didn’t mention it, I guess my brain was stuck on top down style hah. Satisfactory is incredible, they keep adding awesome stuff to it.

Captain Of Industry is a little daunting because it uses as close to real world processes as possible but Nilaus on YT has excellent videos on it (and many of the others mentioned). This is his playlist for the recent huge Update 1 for the game.

I also forgot to mention how good Cities: Skylines has become and how incredible Cities: Skylines 2 looks. I have learned so much about real cities from playing that and watching City Planner Plays play it and relate it to his real world job as a city planner.


Also semi-hijacking this thread: which colony sim has decent multiplayer? Ideally co-op.

My partner and I tried a multiplayer mod in Rimworld a year or two ago and I don’t think her PC can keep up with it on higher speeds, and it doesn’t seem to sync. So my game advances, and hers lags behind and needs to take some time to catch up.


Can I semi-hijack this post to ask you all: What is the best colony sim you’ve played (including the ones OP already has listed)? Looking to try one for the first time. Bonus points if it plays well on Steam deck.


I loved Banished; very independent and trying to keep everything going without having to worry about armies invading, as you’re just trying to survive.


Rimworld with mods is literally an endless experience. I’ve played 800 hours and come back to play another 50 every few months.


How is it on the deck? Playable with the touch pad?


No idea, sorry


I have Rimworld and a deck and it plays great. Sure kb+m is better but honestly I was very surprised how well it controls on the deck. Doing things like laying out where to build, mine etc is a bit fiddly on the track pad but you can always pause to do that. It’s good enough and I have gotten so use to it that I play it mostly on deck now

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Dwarf fortress, cliff empire


Dwarf Fortress, obviously? You should check out "Odd Realm" and "Songs of Syx" as well.
Odd Realm is probably the closest to a Dwarf Fortress with proper graphical UI & graphics + animations, but of course not with its age long development & depth behind it. Songs of Syx is a bit of a hybrid going empire builder, that also aims to have big ass battles with potentially thousands of people.


I’ve been playing the early release Furthest Frontier which has been good. Not buggy for me, though it is lacking a decent endgame IMO.

Age of Empires is a pretty standard one, though more war focused than exploration/growth.

I’ve played They are Billions and it’s pretty good, though general online consensus is that the campaign is entirely unforgiving if you use your upgrade points in an unoptimized way, but is otherwise good. The one offs are fun and overall a well designed game.

On a smaller scale, This War of Mine is a really good game, though not quite a full colony sim it hits the same itch for me and has a lot of stark and rough choices.


Farthest Frontier has a nice juicy update coming soon too!

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Rimworld with mods can basically turn in whatever game you want. There is no limit

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Currently Farthest Frontier, the best Banished-alike I’ve played so far.

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