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So uuuh why am I only hearing of that El Paso, Elsewhere game just now? Because "Max Payne, but vampires" sounds fucking fantastic actually

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    Well if you go by sales figures, predatory monetization targeting whales that only represent 2% of the player base indicates that the absolute best products in the market today are what would have been made illegal 60 years ago in most states. Yay for capitalism that destroys our world, souls, and future.

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    NPR, huh, doing a better job of breaking down a criterion collection type list than any of the journo blogs/sites I’ve ever seen.

    They’re surprisingly tasteful too, and they highlighted some real gems from the indie devs. I really hope they do more of this stuff, they’re real good at it.


    The reviews are not bought and paid for by the game producers… Yet.


    NPR is dope yo. They do good shit.

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