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Is Foamstars fun?

If you have to ask this question about a video game, a meduim that lives or dies based on how “fun” it is, the answer is probably no.

Fun games don’t have people asking if its fun or not.


That’s… not true at all. A game can look fun from gameplay videos and screenshots, but a lot of people will still ask “is it fun?”

The same question got asked about Hogwarts Legacy, and even Jedi Survivor, and both of those were extremely fun to play imo.


Just grabbed Jedi Survivor FO and it’s stuttering hard with loads and cinematics. Any tips on how to fix?

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I have yet to see anyone ask “But is it actually fun?” about, say, Baldur’s Gate 3.

Maybe part of the reason why is because games like Hogwarts Legacy don’t respect player agency and spend their time forcing you to play the game the way the developers wanted, while Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to experiment and try to break guardrails.

Hogwarts Legacy literally won’t let you jump over a fence that your legs are visibly taller than. I only finished that game because I wanted to be able to write correctly about how deeply that game disrespects player choice and is all-in on “you play our game the way we intended, or you don’t play.”



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