Fuck WB. I’ve got no plans to interact with any of their products or properties going forward.


Muadib when?

rudyharrelson avatar

I enjoyed playing around with it for a few weeks last year. I liked that they had voice acting and context-sensitive dialogue like Velma saying, "Let's see who's really the world's greatest detective" when Batman was on the enemy team.

It's also just fun to speculate about all the characters that could show up (but probably won't). I'm still rooting for Granddad "Bitches" Freeman to join the roster.


Holy shit if they added The Boondocks characters, I might actually lay this game and try to look past all the bullshit. And I’d stick with it too, and they’d be my mains. I’d honestly love to play as Huey and fuck some shit up with kung fu and the Black Power Fist. Maybe Riley has like a baseball bat and his giant Timbs or something. Grandad would of course use his belt to fight.

Shit, now I’m getting hyped for something that’ll never happen.

ETA: with the death of John Witherspoon, however, I don’t think they would or could do the character justice.

ampersandrew avatar

They're called platform fighters. And I doubt this thing has an offline mode, so no thanks.

NOT_RICK, avatar

With Zaslav at the reins I won’t trust this til it’s actually out again

Stamets, avatar

Wait that entire thing was just an open beta? That you could spend money on?



If we allow this to continue there will be nothing else.

Only legislation will fix this.

ampersandrew avatar

It felt more like a retroactive beta, like taking back a move in chess saying your hand was still on the piece when they realized it wasn't working out.

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

This game plays great, but I have a hard time trusting anything WB.


WB will delete this to get a tax break at the first available opportunity. No point in getting excited about anything they do.


Zaslav has a fetish.


I’m looking forward to it. I actually enjoyed the game on launch but the servers were rough, glad to hear they’re going for rollback netcode.


I also enjoyed it when I got that rare match that wasn’t a teleportation and rubber banding mess. Hopefully rollback fixes that.

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