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I appreciate the frank opinions here. This game got overhyped by ffxiv fans. You couldn’t get an honest impression on this game, it was just “ffxiv is the best game ever, and ffxvi is being made by the same team therefore this will be the best game ever”

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I was so fucking excited for CBU3 to finally get their main title non-multiplayer FF game. Yoshi absolutely deserves his name on a permanent game that we can’t ever lose to servers going down, Soken deserved to have his music heard by all (dude almost fucking died of cancer while making EE and FFXIV)

But oh my God, I hate it. Boring, slow, overly simplified combat that’s less engaging than a PS2 RPG from 2003 (Dark Cloud), and the story goes so fucking slow.

8 hours in, 18% game completion according to the game, and nothing of any actual consequence or interest has happened save that I killed Garuda (spoiler I guess but you know you’re gonna killer soon as soona s you see her so meh)

Like yeah the basic story set up stuff happens (you’re ifrit, Joshua is phoenix, everyone dies) but then it just drags ass hard.

It’s a goddamn shame, too. I’ll pirate the PC version and mod it if there are ever any made to fix how BAD it is.

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I stopped playing FFXIV because I didn’t like the direction CBU3 was taking it in, and because of that I was also unexcited for FFXVI last year. From reading about it (both in this thread and over that past 6 months) it sounds like it was a correct skip, for me at least.

I had some really good times in FFXIV and have fond memories, and it still is a good product for what it is. But hearing FFXVI having simplistic combat, shallow RPG-mechanics and a slow story full of filler quests that ruin the pacing does not surprise me at all.


Great game but you need to go in with the expectation of a Devil May Cry-like and not a traditional Final Fantasy. If that doesn’t sound like fun, this should probably be a skip.

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The question for me is how much less I'm willing to pay for a game that made me wait past GOTY/spoiler season to play it, because I'm not paying $70 for it anymore.


I hope it runs on the Deck.


As always I’ll wait for reviews, but the cinematics alone have me pretty convinced, have never played any FF before thinking of starting with this and then playing the whole FF7 remake.


If your choices are 16 and 7Remake, go with 7Remake. 16 looks pretty, but the gameplay is honestly extremely shallow.


At least 16 is a complete story.


Plan to play both, was going to go with 16 before 7 to avoid a downgrade, have been told in both graphics and gameplay 7 Remake is better


Graphics are debatable. 7 Rebirth has a larger, more fleshed out world, and the characters are a bit more emotive and varied, but there are definitely a few parts of the environment that feel a bit last-gen (water especially). They really nail interior clutter, though, so buildings feel so lived in.

16 is smaller in scale, and honestly doesn’t even have many comparable town environments to put up next to 7, but the field environments are simply gorgeous throughout. The give and take of visual budgeting at work, I guess.


I was really excited for it before launch but now that the dust has settled I probably won’t buy it when it hits PC. The RPG mechanics are apparently really shallow and there’s a lot of fluff and sidequests that ruin the pacing. I kept seeing gameplay and I still can’t get over how tanky enemies are too, it looks like you’d wail on one enemy for 3 minutes until it gives out.

Hopefully they can pull a FF15 and fix most of the issues with the game in patches.


it looks like you’d wail on one enemy for 3 minutes until it gives out.

Oh you’ll wail a lot longer than that in some cases. Some of the summon boss fights took like 30~45 mins of wailing. And yes. The RPG elements are non existent, and the side quests are incredibly shallow and boring. You are spot on. No status effects, no elemental affinities, absolutely minimal equipment and weapon systems which amount to basically making a single number go up. It was honestly embarrassing as far as gameplay goes.


That’s just, like, your opinion, man.


Yeah I mean that’s the entire point of being allowed to comment, giving an opinion.


How are you going to have the screen name of “prettybunnys” and only post pictures of cats?


My bad, I fixed that problem. Check again.


This made my day. Thanks. ☺️


If it’s three minutes for a boss, I think that’s reasonable. Do you have any examples you can show me? From what I’ve seen, the fights are pretty quick in this game.

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The first Eikon fight (probably what you could describe as the end of the tutorial) took me almost 20 minutes to finish.

I was barely hit by her, I didn’t have to redo it, it just took fucking ages.

And yes, I was using my special abilities and not just spamming square. My wife was watching me play out of slexcitement and halfway through she literally said “oh my God why is her health bar that big this is so boring”

ETA: I feel that my skill as a gamer needs to be elaborated on for full effect. Not bragging, just saying:

I’ve beaten every Souls game more than once. I beat lies of P on my first playthrough with less than 30 deaths total. I’ve been playing third person action RPGs for 20 or so years now and this is the FIRST MAJOR RPG I’ve EVER played that felt this dumbed down and boring. I was trying to be hyped with Sokens amazing music blaring and the cool visuals and all, but the gameplay is boooooorrringg


I had this same thing happen with kingdom hearts 3. Even on hard. So god damn boring.


Souls games are a whole different beast from this type of game. It doesn’t really prepare you for managing cooldowns and doing complex attack strings. They train you to be careful and win without taking big risks, which sounds like the strategy you executed. From what I can tell almost half of that fight is cutscenes, which isn’t ideal.

I will agree with you that the gameplay seems boring though. They could have done more. I’m told that it gets better when you unlock more moves and mechanics.

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