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Microsoft would kill Nintendo so quickly. I think they could do it in 10 years tops, shadow of its former self


Not very interesting news in my opinion. Lots of companies/CEOs want to acquire other companies.


Shatter this corporation.

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Holy monopoly if that happened. Also imagine the damage to Japanese culture if one of their treasured companies was owned by a company in another country.

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Would need a kind soul to verify with more trusted sources this shitty website allegations .

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The gaming world’s response to MS buying Nintendo would make the whole Unity debacle look like a mild inconvenience in comparison… and that’s what I predict for the US, not to mention how Japan would respond to this.

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Archive link if you don’t wanna deal with ads and whatnot:

Also, Firefox supports ublock Origin on Android (no clue about iThings, but probably everything is reskinned safari in apple land).
Pi-hole is also an option and while it isn’t perfect, it can block many ads at the network/dns level for devices that can’t support adblockers.
prepares shotgun while eyeing new smart tv suspiciously


If Microsoft acquired Nintendo I will give up on all video games forever.

Like yeah Nintendo is a big bad capitalist company but, just, no. I can’t think of a better way to make gaming worse.


Microsoft would make the company a lot more retail friendly.

End Nintendos fake scarcity selling tactics.

HarkMahlberg, (edited )
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Forget fake scarcity, the REAL scarcity of pre-acquisition Nintendo games and consoles would skyrocket. Microsoft is only consumer-friendly now because they're still in the phase of acquiring a critical mass of content and users. Once they have both, and everything is on Game Pass, they'll jack up the price as high as they want knowing you'd lose access to all your games if you don't pay.


Yup, there’s a reason I don’t consider getting GamePass or any other subscription service.


Nintendo has an incredible brand for easy child friendly and safe gaming experiences. It‘a products are about as retail friendly as you can possibly get. It’s trustworthy. You just buy them off the shelf and slot the cartridges into the unit.

Microsoft is famous for anti-consumer practices, poor UI design, expensive licensing, abandoning products like their Phone, Zune.


And Nintendo loves to make trash consoles, making them insanely simple to emulate. Microsoft has decades of cyber security experience and would probably lock that right down.

(no of fence to Nintendo consoles, if anything its what made them interesting)


"I’ve had numerous conversations with the LT of Nintendo about tighter collaboration and feel like if any US company would have a chance with Nintendo we are probably in the best position. The unfortunate (or fortunate for Nintendo) situation is that Nintendo is sitting on a big pile of cash, they have a [board of directors] that until recently has not pushed for further increases in market growth or stock appreciation.

“I say “until recently” as our former MS BoD member ValueAct has been heavily acquiring shares of Nintendo and I’ve kept in touch with [ValueAct CEO] Mason Morfit as he’s been acquiring. It’s likely he will be pushing for more from Nintendo stock which could create opportunities for us.

Let the enshittification begin


Publicly traded companies was just the worst damn idea ever… growth for growth’s sake is ruining everything.


Honestly to me the real shame is everyone’s retirement is tied up in Wallstreet, but no one is personally voting, that’s all done by investment managers. Even in the cases where people get their proxy votes, they mostly throw them away.

Retail investment is a quarter of the market, but only 32% of retail shares had their votes cast (vs 80% for the market as a whole), and on average only 12% of a firms retail accounts vote at all.

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If I own shares through a vanguard index, can I vote in each of those companies?

If so, how?

Someone could make a tool to make it quick and easy


Depends what fund, seems like they are trialing a new proxy vote system


The site is unusable on mobile because of the aggressive ads

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Sorry, I have an ad blocker on my phone so I genuinely have no idea if there are ads on a site or how bad they are anymore on mobile. Try flipping to reader view to see it without ads?


That’s on you for not using an adblocker.


Oh really? It’s not on the site for placing aggressive ads?


As far as I’m concerned, all ads are aggressive. I don’t want to see any ads, period. Using an adblocker is a norm. It’s not only a matter of civilized online experience but also privacy and security (latest example). Of course you are not required to use one, but don’t go online complaining you see ads.


I’m not following. How am I supposed to let everyone knows that this site is shit without complaining?


Everyone else should use adblockers too.

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If you don’t have an ad blocker installed though, seriously, I can’t recommend getting one enough. It’s legit like night and day how different it is. There are occasional inconveniences, but it is overall so, so much better for browsing QoL.

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