Which of these have people here played, and might recommend?


Aside from obvious ones like Baldur’s Gate 3…

Talos Principle 2 is fantastic from start to finish and makes you feel smart. I’d say playing the first one is a must in order to really enjoy it. The dlc, Road to Gahenna, is skippable. Most people I’ve talked to find they already own the first one somehow and just never got around to playing it.

Viewfinder was also good but felt kind of short. It’s priced fairly, though, so it’s worth a try.

Ghost Trick was really really good on the ds, not sure how well it translates to pc but the reviewer liked it. Some part of its charm was the interaction with the stylus. If it goes on sale, absolutely pick it up.


I started playing the first Talos Principle and it was kind of meh. Did I just not stick with it long enough?


It’s possible. It’s definitely a game that asks a lot of the player to get immersed in the underlying story. Lots of relatively dense philosophical excerpts to read in the terminals. That’s on top of lore-related text to read which really fleshes out the pretty dark story they’re telling. Then there are the puzzles which might not be everyone’s thing.

The second game improves this greatly by moving the majority of the story out of text and into voiced dialogue with NPCs and a few cutscenes. The jump from the Serious Sam engine to UE5 is pretty mind-blowing in terms of graphics. I think there’s going to be a third one, as well?

If the game can’t suck you in, I’d at least recommend looking up the story. It’s pretty neat.


I’ll never not recommend Dead Cells. The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay has a ton of variety thanks to all the different upgrades you can pick up. The Castlevania tie in is just gravy.


Wow, 97 games. I’m very grateful for the filtering options here. They even have tabletop games, fantastic job!

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