Read: We’re just a clueless corporation but we intend to bleed this thing dry to pay for our yatchs.


Well hopefully it means more awesome Larian games though.

Divinity was amazing, literally downloading baldurs gate to play with the wife for valentines as we speak, so I love them.

But it probably won’t, it probably just means shitty magic crossovers and other horrible nonsense.


God i hope Larian never touches dnd again, they can do way better.

@JoMiran@lemmy.ml avatar

I doubt Larian will return to D&D for the next game.


Give them Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the internet will go berserk

stopthatgirl7 avatar

Can we give them Dragon Age, because BioWare doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing anymore.


If someone makes a new kotor game but uses the same extremely janky DND 3.x rules I am going to search my house for the monkey’s paw. That would make me so mad.

WadeTheWizard avatar

Please don't use the money's paw. It will almost definitely change the game system to FATAL, and I do not, under any circumstances, want to roll for Zaalbar's anal circumference.


Wizards of the Coast owner Hasbro, which says Larian’s “mega hit” RPG, having driven around $90 million in revenue in the last year, is a good sign for more video games to come from the D&D license.

I don’t know them, but this seems like they have understood that D&D is beneficial to their purse.

@Neato@ttrpg.network avatar

Hasbro wants more games but that doesn’t say Larian wants or has been contracted for more. It’d be dumb for Larian to at least not make an expansion. Though I do understand expanding the level cap is super difficult and a LOT of spells will need to be limited in scope.


Why is level cap hard to expand?


In short, at 7th to 9th level spells shit get stupid really fast.

In any case, the sweet spot of the 5th edition ruleset(which Larian vastly improved upon) is levels 5 to 10. Under that and you're too squishy, over that and you start getting into the plane shifting and just outright death spells.


the spells that higher levels unlock get into crazy territory thats hard to implement, balance

thepixelfox avatar

Larian said they were releasing a complete game. I honestly hope they don't release an expansion. The ending was great, and I don't know where you go after. An expansion past the ending would almost cheapen the whole game for me. After a huge build up to the fight of the netherbrain. It wouldn't feel right to continue after that.

And only getting to 12th level felt fine. I don't think it needed to go higher. Mine abs my partner's characters were beasts even at level 12. So it doesn't feel like it's necessary.


Didnt they say they were looking to sell D&D like last week?

Stock price manipulation.


That turned out to be incorrect. From what I remember:
It was one news outlet in China, unconfirmed by anyone else, and denied by all parties mentioned as involved. It could have been malicious, but it also could have been a misunderstanding / mistranslation.


We need more Eye of the Beholder and classic Bard’s Tale and classic Wizardry, and less fucking Baldur’s Goddamn JRPG Story-Heavy Bullshit Gate. Story-heavy shit has basically killed gaming. Go watch TV for your fucking story, kids, and leave games alone.

“Boo hoo games have changed it’s all different now story is good blah blah”. Bullshit. Do you want to play chess and every other move have to stop and be forced to watch a part of some fucking medieval war movie? No? THEN WHY DO YOU WANT THIS IN VIDEOGAMES?


What the fuck

Diotima avatar

Story killed gaming? Nah... story-driven games are what took games out of the basement and into the mainstream. One can only make so many "I have a gun / sword and I kill the things" games before it gets repetitive.


You know the story isn't between moves in combat (with rare exceptions)?

A lot of video game writing is bad, but computers allow storytelling that isn't possible through other mediums. BG3 is choose your own adventure but actually good.

Also: read books for your stories. 😉👍


Yeah, RPGs with stories. Who needs em?


i wonder why gamers are having a hard time beating the illiterate numbskull allegations 🤔

thepixelfox avatar

Okay okay. So let me get this straight. Story bad. You realise story has been a centre point of gaming for a long long long time.

Second. As someone who has played games for 25+, there's plenty of games out there if you just want constant combat. Doom for example. Halo. Overwatch. Apex. Dark souls.
Even combat heavy games have stories though. Overwatch has background lore and in game story now.
Doom gotta save everyone from bad alien dudes.
Halo. Stop the covenant using the rings.
Dark souls... Well dark souls is so lore heavy it's hard to keep up with the story.

So if you don't like story in games. Well maybe stick to space invaders and leave the good games to people who actually appreciate good games.


I grew up on SSI gold-box games, Eye of the Beholder, and other similar games. I think those games would have had many elements from BG3 were it technically possible, if a bit more wargamey in some respects.

I like both, personally


Incoming Hasbro enshittifying every DnD game from now on with microtransactions and day 1 dlc.

This is why we can’t have nice things. When they come along, the parent company strangles it for profit.





Upvoting largely because I love the way fuckdamn rolls off the tongue.


Failed that roll? Reroll for only 300 Haswidgets.

That’s $5 in USD


Sigh…just more MBA assholes that don’t understand squat about the industry they lead.

@sirico@feddit.uk avatar

Without Larian and without the writers of the core books yeah I’m sure it’ll be great totally won’t do a 4th edition again.

@Amir@lemmy.ml avatar

Lmao without Larian’s dedication I doubt they’re gonna get anywhere close to BG3 in the future


Oh I could like an action game set in the universe. Or a souls-like dnd game? I’d be down.

@starman2112@sh.itjust.works avatar

They tried an action game a couple years ago. It was aggressively mid… I hope they try a BG3 again and get a studio that’s actually good at making games to make the game


Loved BG3. but it was the hit it was because it was done by people who love the D&D world and didn’t attempt to live up to any specific monetary goals, nor did it rush out to try and beat some arbitrary deadline. it was done in the old style of development, by a relatively small team over long periods of time to showcase their labour of love.

given the history of D&D the company itself and it’s more recent copyright monetization and attacking the playerbase for profit, I cannot see them pumping out other games that are anywhere CLOSE to what Larian produced.

Wee’re going to get a whole lot of bullshit shovelware trying to ride BG3’s excellence.

this is why we can’t have nice things :(

@starman2112@sh.itjust.works avatar

Yeah, the reason BG3 was so good was because unlike Hasbro and WoTC, they love the Forgotten Realms, and they love video games. If either weren’t true, it would be an awful game.


Didn’t they just absolutely gut Larian staff?


Larian is independent. They’re not owned by Hasbro. I think Hasbro has done some serious layoffs lately, but I haven’t seen anything about layoffs at Larian.


Larian Studios, the developer of Baldur’s Gate 3, has been “affected” by layoffs at Wizards of the Coast, the company that manages the Dungeons and Dragons brand. The CEO of Larian Studios, Swen Vincke, revealed that almost all the people who were in the original meeting when Baldur’s Gate 3 was approved are no longer working at Wizards of the Coast after the recent layoffs[1][4]. This includes several prominent names from the D&D team, such as Mike Mearls and Breeanna Heiss[1]. The layoffs at Wizards of the Coast were part of a larger trend in the gaming industry, with several other companies also having laid off employees in the same year[1][5]. The impact of these layoffs on the future of Baldur’s Gate 3 and other projects is not yet clear.

Citations: [1] Baldur’s Gate 3 Studio CEO Comments on Hasbro Layoffs gamerant.com/baldurs-gate-3-hasbro-layoffs-dungeo…[2] CEO of Baldur’s Gate 3 dev Swen Vincke says the D&D team … - Reddit reddit.com/…/theres_almost_nobody_left_ceo_of_bal…[3] Baldur’s Gate 3 dev speaks out on Hasbro’s shocking DnD layoffs www.pcgamesn.com/baldurs-gate-3/layoffs-comment[4] Larian CEO acknowledges Wizards of the Coasts layoffs in belated The Game Awards speech eurogamer.net/larian-ceo-acknowledges-wizards-of-…[5] Baldur’s Gate 3 Lead Says “There’s Almost Nobody Left” On D&D Team From First Meetings thegamer.com/baldurs-gate-3-lead-dd-team-first-me…

@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

He literally meant they were fired from WOTC. He was talking about the team at WOTC they were working with; nobody at Larian was fired.

Read the articles and not just the headlines.


Read my post again. I didn’t randomly quote and italics one word randomly for fun


Yes, exactly. Layoffs at WotC/Hasbro =/= layoffs at Larian.

@Deceptichum@sh.itjust.works avatar

I don’t think they understand.

What made Baldurs Gate 3 great wasn’t DnD it was Larian. Same for BG 1/2 and old BioWare.

You can’t just create that level of care by pumping out lots of games, they’ll probably fill them with MTX or GaaS bullshit to try and get more money from it as well.

Diotima avatar

Concur. Larian is a breath of fresh air in a field saturated with pay-to-win, monetized, microtransaction nonsense. I'm not convinced they haven't traveled across dimensions to restore fun and sanity to a hobby that has been all but ruined by greed and laziness.


The suits don’t understand anything. They see game making money and they’re like “more games equals more money”

The shovelware tsunami is imminent


Better yet, they see MTX games making money and D&D games making money, so they think combining the two will make even more money. I hope they’re wrong.

HopeOfTheGunblade avatar

Pls no shovelware


Oh god, they’re gonna Fox it up. Listen: dozens of cool shows came out circa 2000, did pretty darn well, and were thrown in the fucking garbage for not being The Simpsons. That show’s firehose of money funded brilliant new productions - most of which were cancelled for not instantly creating an equal firehose of money.

This is how Firefly, Futurama, and Family Guy were shitcanned despite intense demand. But games don’t get revivals or movies the same way. They can’t be pulled back together with a writer and some key actors. Game franchises just die. Their original creators get scattered to the winds, and the rights get tangled up in a heartbeat, so anything with the same name is just an empty brand and inadvisable hope.

Baldur’s Gate 3, in so many ways, was a miracle among miracles. And these geniuses are liable to expect that, every time, in ways that make life hell for any studio whose quality is merely exceptional.

@neuracnu@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

Futurama is currently in the middle of its 8th season.

Family Guy is in the middle of its 22nd season.

Firefly had a geek royalty showrunner who turned out to be a real creep.

Any other examples?


Both Futurama and Family Guy were cancelled early in their runs in 2002/2003 and only revived years later. Firefly was cancelled around the same time and just never revived.


Firefly did get a movie.

As mentioned.


Walk me through why you think that’s relevant.

@SturgiesYrFase@lemmy.ml avatar

Y’all ready for a decade of moderately to incredibly broken, brain dead, pushed out the door for a quick buck D&D games?


At the top, there will be DnD, the trading card game

@Zagorath@aussie.zone avatar

They’ve already released Magic: The Gathering sets based on D&D.


On Baldur’s gate specifically even


It’s going to be like that time that GTA3 was a huge success, and a million shitty and broken “open world” games came out (Excluding Simpsons Hit and Run that game was great)

Or when WOW was a huge success and we were buried with a million shitty and broken MMO WOW clones.

Tale as old as tiiimeee.


People seem to forget their gaming history. William SRD has an entire channel dedicated to incredibly broken, brain dead, pushed out the door for a quick buck D&D games.


Its on my list, and I’ve played Solasta (loved it, but they level higher than BG3 does).

However, I think Pathfinder games do better Legendary adventures. The characters attain godlike strength in the end whereas D&D 5ed is not very good at that so far in the Video game space.

What ever happened to games like NeverWinter Nights where you could literally do a raid on the hells themselves or Neverwinter Nights 2 where you can make an attack on the God of the Dead’s Domain.

Developers complain about how hard it its to do spells and powers past a certain level and yet their predecessors still found a way to do it even if they had to make certain limitations on them.

Still, I am glad to see BG3 a thing even if the characters are weak compared to the original ones from BG2.

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