scrubbles, avatar

Someone is real salty - and it’s justified


I am totally behind this idea. Let execs make their live service looter with microtransactions and battle passes.

nanoUFO, avatar

If all the AAA studios closed down, we would quickly get a renaissance of AA/indie devs and their games.


Would be short lived until some AA studios became AAA studios and the cycle would repeat.

drasglaf, avatar

Some small indie studios would become AA studios and some new small indie studios would appear, so it’s ok. At least for some time the industry would partially heal.

sugar_in_your_tea, (edited )

It would probably be pretty short, like 2-3 years. That investment money and those employees are going to go somewhere, so probably to the larger AA studios.

But the good news is that AA and indie games are available today. That’s mostly what I play, so AAA games being a thing doesn’t really impact me.

drasglaf, avatar

I buy indie and some AA almost exclusively nowadays, they’re usually the better games anyway.


My brother, we are in that Renaissance right now. Lethal Company, Palworld, Balatro, Helldivers 2, Pacific Drive, Go Mecha Ball, etc. And we’re only 2 months in, let alone the insane amount of gold in 2023, and upcoming games like Hades 2 in 2024.

nanoUFO, (edited ) avatar

Imagine if we had more, those aren’t even the games I enjoy in the indie space.

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