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Heh, chatting to Naaber right now...

I think I should be able to introduce him to Mizora. She'd go mad within a week.

#Bg3 #Gaming

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(Honestly tho, if I didn't know it was CohhCarnage voicing him I wouldn't have known. Unlike Gary the Prophet who just sounds like CohhCarnage).

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#Gaming #DeadIsland2 #Peertube #letsplay

In 8 Tagen steht übrigens der Steam Release von Dead Island 2 an.

Ich gebe zu: Ich habe durchaus mal wieder Bock Zombies stillgerecht umzunieten😁😅

Ein #letsplay von dem Game plane ich übrigens auch.

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Happy Saturday Everyone!
Time for some Spirit City and tea here! ☕ ✨

#gaming #lofi #cozygames #SpiritCity

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@Imperor the demo was great can't wait to see what's been added! The art style is so good and the vibe is perfect!

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@Chilzi It's totally worth it, if you liked the demo! I'm already in love with the little Goopi spirit

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Awesome Neofeud review from equally awesome retro-video game channel Cannot Be Tamed! Thanks! #indiedev #indiegame #IndieGameDev #AdventureGameFriday #adventuregames #RetroGaming

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#VideoGame and #ADHD friends: Do you ever get so deep into a big game and go on so many side quests you constantly have a hard time remembering what's going on in the main story? I feel like I never know what's actually going on in a story lol. I do appreciate the occasional game that does story recaps

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@HibaIssa I'd love a recap button. Sometimes I go weeks in-between sessions

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This owl seems a bit… what’s the word?

THE WISE OWL! | Simon The Sorcerer (BLIND) Ep8 (Legacy Edition)

#SimonTheSorcerer #PointAndClick #AdventureGame #AdventureGames #AdventureSoft #Gaming

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It’s always a gamble 😅

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Have you played Battle for Wesnoth? It is pretty good and it recently received a substantial update which includes support for high-resolution computer screens. Hardware requirements are minimal (it plays on a T480 ThinkPad) and the strategy gameplay loop is fun! It is also free software in every possible way.

Screenshot of 'Battle for Wesnoth' game information, featuring title, developer, publisher, release date, brief description, tags like 'Free to Play', and positive reviews, with a game map and units visible at the bottom.

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Recently I learned about the existence of the gaming category „boomer shooter“.

It’s not a shooter for boomers (I am none) and you don't shoot boomers either (sigh). It's classic shooters like we had in the 90s build with modern means. Sounds fun!

So, I just downloaded Prodeus and had a short round of bloody shooting and exploding zombies (?) to recover from today's teams calls! Should do this regularly as a „Feierabend" ritual. 🔥

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@rjayasinghe I'd welcome an entire sub-genre "games without all this slow console bullshit that drags you down".

In the older times (for me ~90s) one could had had so much fun, packed into one hour or less.

Today? An hour is barely enough time to download mandatory update, go through endless splash screens and popups, and then... spend 2 hours in dumb unskippable tutorial.

Forget shooters. Even games like Pacman or Prince have no analogues today. "Having unobstructed fun? Certainly not!"

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Old "Doom" games were always exemplary to me in this aspect: pressing F9 (quick load) already during loading screen would skip menus/etc and drop you ASAP directly into the game. If first time launching: drop into a new game.

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