I’d given away my email address for less. fuk ya some bass tho hell yah

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

Unless it comes with the old fishing controller (and that controller is also compatible with the Big sections of Sonic Adventure), I'm not interested. Half the fun of fishing games is using a goofy controller.


Just entered my REAL email address because I love corporate marketing emails!

Should I /s?

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

That's what the Unsubscribe button is for in the email, after the promotion is over. Or setting up a filter in your email to dump everything from Sega into its own folder.

DarraignTheSane, avatar

“its own folder” = Trash

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

Works for me.

germanatlas, avatar

I just set up a trash mail address which forwards to my real address until I get the code

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