Sekiro on the steam deck. It’s difficult since I never bother with parrying in action games but it’s quite fun.

Coskii, avatar

There was some random video on YouTube about the original fable and I had the urge to play it again. At some point had received the anniversary edition on steam so I loaded it up. 30 minutes and a bit of motion sickness later I uninstalled it and went hunting for my actual original disk. Found it, installed it, and the options and controls are so much better… It’s amazing that they ported the Xbox version for the anniversary edition and didn’t bother to include things like mouse sensitivity, smoothing, acceleration, or really any pc specific options.

The main issue is that the camera seems to be connected to more than just character location, it seems to also be connected to orientation of some part of the character, like the hip. Combat is jittery as all hell, movement isn’t pleasant, and everything else hardly matters… I will be playing the original.


Ohh that’s interesting. I found the anniversary edition to be quite a poor adaptation as well. I’m curious how the lost chapters plays on PC. I never got to play that additional content

Coskii, avatar

After spending a bit of time back on the original, I can say that the camera controls are just naturally janky, though it is significantly worse on the anniversary edition and it might be due to something as simple as the increased aspect ratio.

Coskii, avatar

And then hilariously I happen across this article today about a free unreal 5 version of fable some fan has made. From the looks it seems like a prettying up of the original, but might not have changed much if anything about the gameplay.


Found a nice gem on the App Store called Golden Soul

Free (so far). No ads, neat story and mechanics so far. Tree stumps with knives

FeelThePower, avatar

Been super patient since 2015, so I’m finally playing fallout 4. Installed a few just-for-fun mods that don’t otherwise break the story or flow of the game. So far I’m super into it!


For all the shit it gets, I still love that game. It might be more heavy on the action than the RPG, but it still feels like Fallout, which is more than enough for me.

Plus it has some of the more interesting vaults, IMO.

Companions are also great. Nick Valentine in particular is a treasure to be savoured.

Oh, and there are like two sidequests I absolutely fucking love and don’t want to spoil, but just keep an eye out for a ship lodged in a building when you’re exploring around the city areas near the Eastern coast.

Zoot, avatar

I’ve got an amazing group of online friends, and we’ve been doing a big mix of Content warning, DnD with rotating DM’s, and of course a shit load of helldivers!

Alabaster_Mango, avatar

I’m playing the ninja platformer N++. I’m probably not good enough to 100% it, but I’m having a blast with it.

zeitschlag, avatar

As I have plenty of time due to reasons, I decided to continue Red Dead Redemption 2 after not having played it for a year or so. Damn, that thing just looks great.


Cyberpunk 2077. I just finished Act 2 last night and I’m (probably) about to begin Phantom Liberty.
Really enjoying most of the story and side quests so far!

eezeebee, (edited ) avatar

Still playing Shining Force 2, almost at the end. I read somewhere that Peter is the real main character and kind of agree.

I also started playing Sonic Adventure 2 because it looked cool and was less than $2, and omg, it might be the worst game I’ve ever played. I looked it up and it apparently was rushed, had a small team, and was made during a turbulent time at Sega. But it’s just bad. The controls are garbage, camera is even worse and sometimes does not let you move it to see where you’re going. The dialogue is thrown together poorly so the characters are often talking over each other in cutscenes. It’s a shame too because I can see the wasted potential. At least the chill Knuckles levels are still fun to play, and the music is memorable. I really hope the “Dark” path is better than the “Hero” path.


A little bit of Crash N. Sane trilogy and starting a new run of Fallout New Vegas on hard difficulty hardcore mode, alongside more slogging through Baba Is You.

Never completed a single run on the games I’ve played in the Fallout series, yet for some reason I decided to start another playthrough and do hardcore mode for the first time because clearly I hate myself. Currently maybe 5-6 levels in and it ain’t easy compared to the really cool melee build save on my desktop.

Faydaikin, avatar

Booted up old Killing Floor again during the whole Helldivers debacle.

Smaller in scale but similar in concept.


Still playing Forbidden West. I’ll probably finish soon. I don’t have a ton of time to play but I’m about 110 hours into it.

Ethereal87, avatar

We just had our second kid so any games have to basically be on the phone right now. Luckily, someone mentioned Wildfrost in the same breath as Slay the Spire and it has been awesome to play while holding the little one.

It’s a card/deck builder rogue like, but you’re deploying units into one of two lanes and positioning them for maximum effect. Each unit counts down until it attacks, but you have a handful of cards to directly attack as well. You run until you fight the final boss, unlock more stuff along the way, etc…it’s been a blast. The art style is cute (how big can Yuki’s snowball get? Try and find out!) and I love the soundtrack.

On iOS at least, the game is free to download and try out before purchasing (think it was $7). If you like Slay the Spire and similar games, well worth looking into!


Still on New Vegas, but going to take a bit of a break.

Last time I played (over a decade ago, at this point), I only did the Dead Money DLC. So, over the last couple of days, I’ve been doing some of the other DLC and ignoring much of the main quest.

Old World Blues was super fun (and reminded me of Outer Worlds a lot; I wonder if they took inspiration for OW from their earlier work here), but it kind of took a fair amount of energy out of me.

I probably should have taken a break there, but decided to try Honest Hearts. I really didn’t enjoy it, but at least it wasn’t too long.

After that, I realised I’m burning way out here, so I’m going to get back to the game in a few days.

Coelacanth, avatar

I think OWB is many people’s favourite, and Honest Hearts is certainly the weakest DLC. It does have some cool lore and story bits to it though, and the environmental storytelling with the survivalist is very neat. And I think Joshua Graham is a great character.

I hope you come back and do Lonesome Road too, I absolutely love it and think the level design and environments are outstanding.


Yeah, I enjoyed the whole background narrative with the Survivalist, and there’s some great loot as well, but I think maybe I was a bit burned out and having a bad day because I just couldn’t really get into it.

Thinking back, it seems like my only real issue with it was just navigating the map. Maybe I was just tripped up by the sudden change in landscape and didn’t adjust well to it.

Could also be that I just finished OWB and the immediate change in tone and pace gave me a bit of narrative whiplash. Lol, probably should have done some more stuff in between instead of rushing it.

Anyway, a nice break should do me well. Then I can come back with fresher eyes and appreciate the little things without feeling too overwhelmed.


Shot for cheap Phantom Liberty and thus my seventh run of Cyberpunk 2077 has commenced. This time, well it’s the second time actually, as a Lucy (female V, Netrunner with Monowires)

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