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Downloading now.



Thanks for posting!


Yeah, good looking out

luciole, avatar

Wow, the reviews are taking a dive since the giveaway started. “This genre is not for me” and “not translated to my language” typical undeserved red thumbs it seems mostly.

jherazob, avatar

“Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ is already in your Steam library”


FlashMobOfOne, avatar

It’s a fantastic game, and one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a long time. For free? GET IT.


FlyByNo’s soundtracks for the endless series are great. The first Endless Space OST hold a particular spot in my heart.


oh man! I really played this game a lot back when it was released!


Cool! Anyone here have experience playing it on the Deck?


Currently playing it. Works fine. Gamepad worked automatically, ui is compatible, and appears to be a low battery drain title.


Awesome! No reports on protondb yet for it…


You could be the guy!


I think I tried it and it ran perfectly. I think there’s also an UI redesign for the Deck IIRC

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Old and good game. It's free, just get it.

That dev is probably doing this as a small bit of marketing for their soon to be released game set in the same Endless universe that they use for all of their games.

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Specifically Endless Dungeons, which is a spiritual successor to Dungeon of the Endless and comes out in a few months.

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Been trying to play multiplayer for about an hour tonight. FFS don't be the lobby host that just immediately kicks people when they join your game that's listed on the PUBLIC SERVER LIST.

My experience has been joining 20 games in a row, then getting kicked out of 19 of them without warning within 5 secs.

The last one, someone said "go away" and then I got kicked. Sad lol.


Sorry to be the one who's done that before, though I tell them that I forgot to set private first. xD


You had me at, “tower defense”. And mostly lost me with, “rouguelike”. But I’ll give it a try and see for myself. Thanks for letting us know!


There are no games like DotE. The rogue like aspect is minimal, I would say. You play through a whole campaign in a couple of hours, but each play through is different


It's not as bad as rogue-like games; I'd say it's more "random dungeon" than anything else. It's also not quite 100% a tower defence game but there are elements of it.

insomniac_lemon, (edited )
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As someone who admittedly usually has a bad experience with roguelikes, that seems about right.

My first playthrough was pretty easy until a character died quickly (it's all downhill from there), my second playthrough seemed a bit harder+more resource constrained+worse luck with research.

Also generally seems like one of those games where micromanaging is the key (even though I don't think it's really fleshed-out like games that typically do that), and some situational benefits (that may not pan out due to floor turns left, placement etc) that your characters completely lack at the beginning (also you can't see actives/passives on the character select screen). The generators seem expensive for how little they produce per-turn (at least without upgrades, and especially as their cost increases).

Then again, this is likely one of those games that'd be significantly easier with multiple players.


It’s a very good game.

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