I’ve seen basically no marketing for this game. Really weird considering that it’s EA. Not every game can pull and Apex Legends and surge in player counts without marketing.

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Game is apparently a flop. Only 750 peak concurrent players on steam.

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I had literally never heard of it until people were shitting on it.


Devs need to chill with all these features. I was playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider and it runs at upscaled 4k60 and looks miles better than this one.

Of course, this is from a small studio and using nanite and lumen probably saved them a lot of time, but what good is that time saved if most PC gamers can’t play it and it abuses upscaling technology by running it at 720p and looking all fuzzy.

And before people start blaming Series S, even PS5 port struggles to run at 720p60 in this game as well as FFXVI, which is a PS5 exclusive. Jedi Survivor does the same and I can’t understand why do they think this is what we want from games in the current gen.


Its becuase they do not Balance Game Art and Graphics,Game Art gives games their Atmosohere and much more so it dies not look like a Unreal Asset Flip.

A Tool no matter how good is only as good as the wielder.


True. Though FFXVI, for example, has its own art style which looks pretty good, but whatever they’re doing with the tech is just too much for the PS5. Somewhere it feels like the devs overestimated the capabilities of these consoles.


So in terms of performance, Xbox Series X > PS5 > Xbox Series S…

Now I just need a review to tell me if the game is any GOOD. :) It sure LOOKS good…


It’s a FPS with bullet, grenade replaced by magics. It follows some streamlined lite metroid component for unlocking new ability for traversal and encounters/puzzles are paced pretty okay. Quite a bit of platforming section as well if you like that kind of thing. I have not finished the game yet but it seems to be a pretty short run and can finish over the weekend(no mtx). It does look really nice when you have the rig to run.(I used default settings it picked for my 6800XT and never feel jitter or frame rate dip problem.)

Diabolo96, (edited )

When kid, I used to see these games (GOW, COD, battlefield,etc) and be impressed, saying to myself that i will play these great games one day but I never really had a computer or console that could be able to play these games and i lost that spark. Now, i don’t care anymore.

If you still feel that joy and happiness seeing these games enjoy this sensation, because it will one day dissappear.

Thrashy, (edited )
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Priorities will always shift as we move though the different seasons of life, and for sure the launch of a big marquee title that I’m interested in doesn’t have the same drama it did, now that I’ve lived though a couple-few decades of them. I have to say, though, that I still love the experience of being transported to a fantasy setting, or exploring a strange new world with friends, or testing my skill against other players. I’m looking forward to when I can introduce the hobby to my kid, and share that joy with him.

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