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I don’t always play female characters, but I can think of a few reasons:

  • With rare exceptions I just prefer how the female characters look, be it prettier or cuter, they usually have way better character customization than the male counterparts.
  • Female clothing and equipment in games also just look more stylish and flamboyant, especially in Japanese ones.
  • And honestly I just like playing as someone different from me, if I can’t choose to be an alien or whatever, then the next best thing is a woman.

Lots of games really fall short as far as male character customization goes. It's like they are afraid of color and flair.


If it’s a third person game, I’d rather be looking at her ass throughout the playthrough than his.


I never get this type of response. Do you really keep paying attention at whoever ass it is rather than the whole game happening on the rest of the screen?


Maximum autism. People are hard mmmm kaaaayyy


In this case, “ass” is a funny oversimplification. The player model is on the screen all the time, so having it be attractive adds to the visual appeal of the whole experience


Same. If it’s fpv only it doesn’t really matter to me.


You’re looking at the ass through your gameplay?

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I just want you to know there are pills which are fairly easy to get your hands on which if you take will make your skin softer and cause you to grow breasts.

If that sounds intriguing to you, I further inform you there exist many people who happily take these pills for the entirety of their lives and the kind of person who would want to take such a substance is in no way a freak.

But yeah, girl avatars can do sick acrobatics, huh?


I second this and wanna add, that it’s also totally cool, to feel like switching into a different body whenever would be neat. Maybe being whomever you want to be whenever feels just right to you.

This is also attainable with outfits though honestly your appearance is completely secondary to how you personally feel about being your self.

Shapeshifters are just awesome characters anyway right?

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Shapeshifters are just awesome characters anyway right?

R.J. MacReady would disagree with you on that part, but "hear, hear" to the rest of your post.

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Yeah give me shapeshifting, please. Slow, binary transition ain't it.


And most of the time, unless you’re lucky or have lots of money, your past bodily development is going to get in the way of a clean transition… :/

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Yeah, in discussions like this it's important to put out both the "it's okay if you've got a deep curiousity/desire to be the other gender that you want to explore to see if it leads somewhere more" and the "there's nothing wrong with just having fun exploring other identities or bodies without it being some kind of deep-seated transgender thing." I think the "egg_irl" reaction is sometimes harmful because it ends up pressuring people who really aren't transgender but who would be perfect allies if they weren't ending up feeling annoyed by the whole thing.

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who would be perfect allies if they weren't ending up feeling annoyed by the whole thin

No one who can be annoyed out of allyship would have been a particularly steadfast ally regardless how many eggshells one stepped around while dealing with them.

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You may not be aware of just how annoying and downright offensive it is to have eager "helpful" people instantly jumping to "aha, you're trans and I will help you come to terms with that!" When you mention that your roleplaying characters or whatnot play around with various genders. It's probably not quite on the same level as people assuming gay people are just "rebelling" or "going through a phase" or whatever and will just get over it, but I imagine it feels along those same general lines.

There surely are some people who are indeed a metaphorical "egg" just waiting to crack, but everyone should have the right to feel comfortable with themselves regardless. Dismissing those offended feelings as walking on eggshells misses that point.

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Didn't cross my mind that someone would suggest that I'd be trans (just) because I want to play female characters too (and sometimes robots and others).
The thought alone feels so strange to me (to me personally)!

Of course a joke is a joke and OK in my case (when the intention is good) but if someone insisted that I'm a trans based on my game characters only, I would get upset.

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Dismissing those offended feelings as walking on eggshells misses that point.

I said "around", not "on". It was rather clever wordplay.

Telling every single person in the world there are possibilities they can explore is a good thing and no level of unease at that self-examination is any person counters that good.

A person who is trans will be better off knowing and dealing with it and the sooner the better.

A person who isn't trans is part of the dominate social hierarchy and will be fine, even if they are exposed to info that doesn't apply to them or the consideration of that info makes them feel icky.

I empathize if you've been tied to a chair and forcibly boofed with horse urine, I condemn such an affront to your autonomy.

I do point out that that this is a reply thread than began with someone informing a person hormones existed and describing their effects. No comment was made that the person to whom this info was proffered should take the substance, nor was any comment made about what it would mean for anyone's identity whom did.

If it is being suggested to me I should consider the "harm" a hypothetical cis person may come to in being told it's possible to not be cis and in so considering refrain from or hesitate in informing a hypothetical trans person of the same, I never will.

A person can say, "I am confidently cisgender and enjoy typical pastimes generally associated with my sex." That is a great time to tell them hrt exists and what it does.

A person can say, "Nice weather today, huh?" That is a great time to tell them hrt exists and what it does.

Rose Tyler can walk into the time vortex of a TARDIS heart, and that would be a great time to write that hrt exists and what it does across all of time and space.

No one is better off not knowing transition is possible, and the implication mention of trans existence should ever be avoided for the benefit of non-trans persons I find just-this-side-of troubling.


There is something my therapist pointed out to me, who was feeling like fraud about being trans. There is some peer pressure out there on how you have to be to be trans. We are not talking about mean peer pressure, but if you see that bodily transitioning is the way for apparently every trans person, then that must be the way for you too, right? And what if you really dread procedures or meds? Or if you are maybe not super happy with your body, but who ever is? Does that make you less trans? I think it really helps to think of trans as a spectrum and exploring it slowly. And maybe you find your gender identity on that spectrum or you feel role playing etc. is just some good fun. And if you find yourself on that spectrum you can go into character creation and say, I’m fine with the presets or change things up, the result will always be beautifully you.


So you know how annoying it is when someone tells you they know your gender better than you. That you are wrong about your gender and should do therapy to be the gender they think you should be? Oh, you do? Then please stop doing it. Thanks.

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Acknowledging non-cis gender experiences exist is not telling anyone what their gender is, but having a huff when people express that it is possible to have a non-cis experience of gender is doing the thing you seem to be complaining about.


[joking] Yea, yea, everyone wants to be a slime girl, we’re aware, please focus on the discussion at hand 🙄


Not everyone who play female characters do so because they are secretly trans.

I don’t identify with the character I play, I just like girls. They are a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

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Not everyone who play female characters do so because they are secretly trans.

Who said any were? you object to people knowing hormones exist and what they do?


Young me : because egg


I’m a big fan of women kicking ass, and videogames are usually designed to make my character kick a lot af asses. So female-looking character is great for me !


Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield. Oh yeah. <3


Because Jennifer Hale delivered a better performance than Mark Meer as Commander Shepard


Watched video too, and it gave me an insight: feminine characters lay better on my gentle and caring personality, allowing me to better express myself.

I can play such caracter more organically, and there’s also less social friction when in multiplayer (interestingly, even when party knows I am, in fact, male)


Depends on the game. Generally, I go with a male character that is somewhat like myself in appearance. The main reasons that I play a female character given the option are:

  • There is some difference in the game or story based on gender (ex. Games like CP2077, though, generally not in my first playthrough. Or, the voice talents of Jennifer Hale in Mass Effect.)
  • The male character was bodged in, unnecessarily (ex. AC: Odyssey, which wasn’t even supposed to have a male lead until a sexist Ubisoft exec forced it - the dialog i, just awful)
  • Sometimes, it is just being a bit thirsty.
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It depends on the game. If the gender has an effect on the stats or gameplay, I may choose a female character if I think it would either benefit my character build or make the gameplay more interesting. If it’s just cosmetic, I will play as a female if I think the male characters look ugly and the game doesn’t have a femboy option.


I like being pretty, and men in games usually aren’t (at least to the same degree). Why choose to look worse than i could?

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Depends on the game.

Monster hunter: they get the cute armor sets. Dudes get the fat armor sets, while that version of the lady armor is something like a mecha teddy bear.

Social games: I aim for the more gender neutral looks, and for whatever reason guys are almost always bulky. It’s usually somewhat possible to get a female avatar to look guyish. And if it’s using voice chat, there is very little question.

Online MMOs: I have set male and female character tropes/character types that have been developed for 20ish years at this point. Coskii is an axe welding merchant or as close to that as I can manage. My thief is a lady, archer is a guy, wizard is a guy, and sorcerer is lady.

Single player whatevers: it depends on the character sounds. Sometimes games can get a bit excessive with their sound design, and for whatever reason make the guy voice sound like he’s constipated for every sound effect.


I tend to play both, as I have set builds for set character names. First time playthrough in a soul’s game? Maxwell is the name (though Maxwell is one of the few characters that I have played as both male and female.) Making a sniper build? Novikova is da girl for the job. A viking or warlord? Kaytlyn is my go to. Stealth? Garrett will get in and out.

I like having a roster to characters of any gender to pick from. Though, I admit, I tend to gravitate towards making femboy type characters lol.


It makes no difference to me.

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I don’t, mostly because I watched Asmongold talk about it, and now I feel weird playing with a female character online.

Though singleplayer I don’t feel any problems: Lara Croft, Rynn, Chell, Rayne, Jade - it’s all fine.

Maybe it’s just for customizable characters?


Asmongold is fucking weird who cares what he thinks about random preferences like this

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