Anyone have non-lethal means of getting chipmunks to go away?

While they're cute and all, chipmunks are destroying the root systems of some well-established shrubs in my yard. Does anyone have any tested and proven methods for repelling them from certain areas? I don't want to poison or trap the little buggers, but I'd like them to stop killing things. I also don't want to make any of the other wildlife (mainly the neighborhood owls, hawks, and other birds) or my dog sick.


I believe you can purchase natural predator scent spray to spray around the areas you need help. It’s not permanent obviously but it should get them to move on.


This is what I missed from Reddit - a question I didn’t know I had, on the front page, with legitimately helpful answers


For a non reddit meme answer, as those have grown quite old: a quick Google says planting or spraying peppermint around, or used coffee grounds around the roots. Either are a natural deterrent according to Google.

I personally have used coffee grounds as a rose bush fertilizer for a while and it’s worked great. Might be a good move if you’re a daily coffee drinker.


I’m liking these answers so far.


Maybe try a predator decoy like a snake or owl?


Put them in a box with a cat, and I can’t stress this enough, don’t let anyone open it.

Failing that, I’m pretty sure peppermint oil is supposed to keep them away.

MermaidsGarden, avatar

Have you tried reasoning with them?

cabbages avatar

I have live trapped and relocated them before when nothing else worked

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I sprinkle ground or flaked dried hot peppers on and around my plants.

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@v13 Thank you! That seems straightforward. Pretty sure I can steer the dog away from wherever I sprinkle the pepper. How often do you refresh it?

v13 avatar

After I water them or it rains.

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@v13 Thank you!

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This works great, but I suggest using powdered (like how cyanne pepper usually comes) instead of flakes. Flakes encourage birds to give them a taste and I cant imagine its good for them.

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I think I've seen birds food with them in... like the kind where the seeds are glued together. I could be wrong but I think capsaicin doesn't affect birds.

Tarasovich avatar

@v13 @Bohammer Capsaisin has no effect on birds, they can't sense it. Hot peppers evolved pretty nicely to use bird poop as a seed dispersal mechanism. That being said, I don't want them stealing away all the pepper before it has a chance to work, so I may stick with ground cayenne.

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Good point!

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Today I learned! You have a point about them stealing it though. Cayenne us how I protect my sunflowers from squirrels so I know it works for that

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