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Today's is actually yesterday's Creative Coding, but the first image here took nearly 24 hours to render, so I'm posting it tonight.

Inset circle packing using the Shapely library to help determine the radius of each circle to draw in

As fun as it was to wait in anticipation of the really detailed one, I prefer the simpler ones as you can see the pattern more clearly

(these are hard to see the pattern until you zoom in)


ke8smq, avatar

@TomLarrow I really like these!

TomLarrow, avatar

It is fun how simple the rules are:

Pick a random point, look at the color, draw a circle as big as you can in the opposite color without touching anything

Repeat until you fail to draw a circle x number of times in a row, where X 10 for the last image, and 30 for the first one

aebrer avatar

@TomLarrow love this system haha the results are so complex looking


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