von_rostock, Polish
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"The domino effect"
It took a decade to set up, but watching it through all its sensors and cameras was mesmerizing fun: the fall of humanity.

source below

#pico8 #tweetcart #codeart #generative #pixelart #sizecoding

r={{0,0,0}}k=0l=0h=1a=0::_::m=r[#r\2+1]for i=h%8+1,#r,8do
p=r[i]x=p[1]-m[1]+64y=p[2]-m[2]+64g=p[3]f=9-mid(i/2-50,9)u=sin(g)v=cos(g)for r=-2,2,.03do
deli(r,#r>>8)h+=7a+=rnd(-1)>>20k+=cos(a)l+=sin(a)add(r,{k,l,a})goto _


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@von_rostock this is crazy I can't believe it's a tweetcart!

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it's beautiful ☺️ could you let the end go into the start to make it infinite?

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@luftlesen tweetcart size restrictions would only allow path to be sth based on sines like ellipse or some fancy loop. so I decided for more dramatic, full random walk.
the path is coded here: a+=rnd(-1)>>20k+=cos(a)l+=sin(a) so you can try and fiddle with it by setting different k,l values

@luftlesen@mstdn.jp avatar

good to know. Thank you! 🙂
I bookmarked your post and put it on my list. Right after finishing Pentis, installing Arch and making a full screen "music artist distributing his gamedev music in front of his house" pixelart 💫💦💨🤞☕
working on it⚒️

@Liquidream@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

@von_rostock Outstanding! 🤯👌

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