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odium, in Community Removal


Tartufo, in Community Removal

Sad but understandable. See you in the regular community and thanks for trying with this one. :)

hitagi, in Copyright infringement Notice

Interesting. I didn’t know Mihoyo was interested in smaller websites, considering also that most links here are from Twitter.

Arorus, avatar

Yeah it’s a surprise to see a message about it. I would say it’s easier to go after small websites than bigger ones


If their legal team can beat your legal team, you stay back. If however your legal team can beat their legal team, you beat them into the ground like there is no tomorrow.

Very simplified.

Arorus, avatar

True. I rather just comply with how small is compared to something like reddit who could definitely fight back


Yeah definitely, and the most likely action ether way is getting the community deleted, ether by your hand or the admins. Better for everyone to be able to say there goodbyes and maybe organise a move to somewhere else.

RyzenxD, in 4.0 Second Phase Weapon Banner

Once again I can’t upload images

RyzenxD, in Nuevillete BIS weapon - top Free catalyst - bottom

Cant post the pic for some reason



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  • Tartufo, (edited )

    Does this show for you?

    Anyways those look really dope. I hope they have good allround stats, sort of getting tired of Widsith.


    As someone who does not want to pull on weapon banners, I’m fine with still using my r5 Widsith haha


    I definitely get not wanting to pull on weapon banners. I just hate the randomness of the Widsith buff, so having the option of potentially getting a good damage catalyst that’s not as random would be nice imo, even if the availability is limited. And no, I started playing after the Dodoco Tales event, so I don’t have that. :(

    regalia, in Questionable

    Maybe I’ll stop using this community until Lemmy adds spoiler tag support.


    Imma NSFW it from the next time


    Yeah problem is tons of people have NSFW turned off already and the community is already small on here. Not sure the best solution here. Or maybe Lemmy can do content warnings like Mastodon.

    RyzenxD, in Welcome

    Rules for this community?

    Arorus, avatar

    Only rule is to post link or image of source of leak


    Ok thanks but I have already posted a leak without the source link what should I do?


    And what if I don’t have the link and only have the name of the leaker

    Arorus, avatar

    You could edit the post and just add a link. I won’t take the post since you did credit the leaker

    adolf, in 4.2 Banners via SYP/Uncle YC

    Where is the missing raiden

    Francis_Fujiwara, in 4.2 Banners via SYP/Uncle YC

    how do you make twitter look like this in 2023? lol


    An add-on called Old Twitter Layout (2023). Very customizable. Can also choose 2018-style Twitter.


    Chrome: ……/jgejdcdoeeabklepnkdbglgccjpdgpmf



    mojo, in Fontaine character rarity via Tao

    This didn’t age well. Where Navia, Lynney, and his two siblings?

    mojo, in Sigewinne Not Playable in 4.1 via SYP/Mero

    Strange they’re releasing two 5 stars at once so early, and no 4 stars.

    wriothesley, in Neuvillette Gameplay

    Updated link:

    wriothesley, in Wriothesley Gameplay

    Updated link:

    ccreamsonn, in Neuvillette Gameplay avatar

    Bro is so menacing, i love it!

    MonsieurHedge, in Wriothesley Gameplay
    MonsieurHedge avatar

    Jesus Christ he's so fucking cool.

    Now we need to know if he Shatters with any of his kit. I mean, I'll probably end up getting him anyways, but it's important for pre-farming and teambuilding reasons.

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