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I beat New Record (community's kinda dead though) (

This took me a long time, 8 months and nearly 10000 attempts from zero, but I did it. I know this community is pretty dead but I do check up on it regularly to see if I need to do anything. If you want to hear more regularly from me here’s my Mastodon, I tend to not post too much about Geometry Dash but I do post about it...

Double speed portal skip in Dash (

Video: Geometry Dash official level ‘Dash’ from 8% to 21%. // The 1x speed portal at 10%, after the second spider section is skipped by letting go of the dash orb early. // The level continues at 3x speed. The music goes out of sync. In the section where you have to hit yellow blocks, a red block is hit but the player still...

RobTop says he isn't sure he will be able to release 2.2 in October (

Alt Text>> @Dolan: @RobTop do you still think you can make it in time? > >RobTop: Unsure tbh. Server switch and bugfixing took much longer than expected. Still trying but there is a risk will have to push into November. Really dont want to but at the same time releasing something broken would be worse. We will see...

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