Godot Engine hits over 50K euros per month in funding

One of the big winners of the Unity debacle is the free and open source Godot Engine, which has seen its funding soar to a much more impressive level as Unity basically gave them free advertising. Certainly helps that Godot ended up launching their new funding platform on the same day Unity announced their hated Runtime Fee system.

Initially when the Godot developers announced their new funding platform they only had around €25K per month from 438 members. This has now exploded up to €50,323 per month from 1,458 members. A much better and more sustainable amount considering they’re building an entire game engine.

They also recently gained Terraria developer Re-Logic as a Platinum sponsor, as Re-Logic donated $100K along with $1,000 a month in ongoing funding. On top of that developer Robot Gentleman of 60 Seconds! has also upped their support of Godot and no doubt plenty of others.

Hopefully this is going to be a turning point, where developers look more to open source tools where feasible instead of locking themselves into proprietary game engines with predatory business practices. Unity has proven multiple times now they’re willing to break developer’s trust like their messing around with Terms of Services.


Thans unity


At least something good came out of this debacle.


I’ve really been enjoying The Curse Of The Golden Idol which was built with Godot. Really great game.


Tried searching, did you mean The Case of the Golden Idol?



Oops, yes I did. Fantastic game!

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