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Vingt-cinquième jour du , thème : chemin.

Voici le chemin byzantin, pavé de marbre et de rochers, sur l'île de Paros dans l'archipel des Cyclades en Grèce. Une belle promenade sur plus de 3 kilomètres que l'on peut prolonger dans l'île.

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Hello, Myth Lovers! To celebrate International , we'd love to see your posts about ! Which museums have great mythological art? Which are your favourite artifacts? Do you have a favourite ? Where have you seen an amazing work of art related to mythology? Use the hashtag for boosts!

🎨 Kos Archaeological Museum,
📸 Dionysis Kouris

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One of my favourite myths told in museums is that all ancient cultures had a wide range of food and drink vessels that they never ate or drank from, but which were understood purely in terms of their forms – for ancients nourished only their souls.

That's why the krater and amphora are separated from the wine cups, and why there are no chopsticks in the "Asian ceramics" case.

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@mythologymonday @archaeodons @mythology @folklore @TarkabarkaHolgy @juergen_hubert @curiousordinary @wihtlore @FairytalesFood @bevanthomas @FinnFolklorist @Godyssey @GaymerGeek @starrytimepod I took my daughter and her best friend to the Getty Museum in Santa Monica. Both Percy Jackson nuts, so we did their Percy Jackson tour.

Watching the two 12 year olds have an absolute blast naming the Gods off the Greek Vases was amazing. Far far better than me.

Mom. It's Asclepius, not Hermes. His staff has 1 snake, no two, so it isn't the cacaduceus.

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Lions in the shade


End of , and beginning of here in . Everything's just turning hot... This is a painting I did in December, but only now I have access to a scanner.

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Santorini's iconic blue domes and white-washed buildings overlook the serene Aegean Sea. Vibrant bougainvillea adds a splash of color to this picturesque Mediterranean scene. It was always a dream of mine to see this. It is trully a beautiful and dramatic sight to see.

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Turns out I should have been learning Greek instead of Spanish 🥲

The view from my room

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Our villa comes with a little resident 😍

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#Greece 🇬🇷 somehow reminding me of that Venn diagram about DJ’s and Bank Robbers asking you to ‘put your hands up’.


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Nicht sicher ob streaming kaputt oder Kunst

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Also 2 Sachen falsch. und sind weiter und und nicht. Das die beiden nicht weiter sind macht mich extrem traurig 🥺 @esc

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@trex91 @esc Ja, sehr starke Konkurrenz. Hatte so für #Czechia gehofft. Jetzt muss ich überlegen wen ich stattdessen wähle...

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#Greece’s Navy extended a series of exercises aimed at preventing tankers from transferring Russian oil just miles off its coastline.

The navy said in a notice that it will be conducting exercises until May 19 in the #Laconian Gulf, an expanse of water that’s become well-known in the oil market as a location for Russian oil switching. It had been due to finish on May 9.

#Ukraine #Russia #EU #NATO

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Trying out The OM1 50-megapixel mode in Nafplio, Greece a while back

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After we stopped at the Islands Leros and Lipsi we reached our destination, the island Patmos. The ferryride in total was 5h. We enjoyed it a lot, especially because we could see all these incredibly nice islands (at least the harbour vilages).


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Next stop was Kos, where we didn't take any pictures. However, Kalymnos, the third island, was very picturesque...


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