This plant has always fascinated me. As a child they had me convinced that plants also had some kind of intelligence. I mean why else would they "eat" something 🤣.

Foon, avatar

That looks super cute!

One thing you might want to know, it costs venus fly traps a lot of energy to create flowers. It can be a risk to let it flower, since it might take so much energy that it dies off afterwards. Of course you know your own plant best, just in case you see it starting a flower stalk when it's not doing too well, you can (literally) nip that in the bud!

YuzuDrink, avatar

Thank you for letting me know! That’s very useful in helping me make decisions about whether to let it continue.


Never knew they could flower! That's awesome


How cool, I’ve never seen one flowering before!


I’ve never seen one in flower before! This is really cool, thank you for posting. Your little Venus Flytrap flower made my day!

WorriedGnome avatar

Ours has flowers too! We weren't sure what they were but only 2 fly traps have sprouted and no more seem to be coming through 🤔 but the flowers are blooming. We have 5 bloomed and 6 ready to bloom.

I wonder if more fly traps will sprout?

WorriedGnome avatar

I've never seen them flower before! It's so happy 😁


Wow that's fantastic. I had one in a terrarium years ago but it never flowered.

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