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Oh god, they’re multiplying.

Initial testing has the TS9 way closer to the TS808 than discourse has led me to believe. Somehow ran out of cables for real time so gotta wait til the ones I ordered come in for more testing.

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My collection of mostly crappy pedals! Nothing too exciting here, mostly stuff I bought because it was cheap. A few classics (Boss DS1 distortion, original Korg KAOSS Pad), some home studio workhorses (Alesis NanoCompressor, Zoom MS-70CDR), one boutique pedal (Catalinbread Echorec), and a couple weird old junky pedals from the dawn of the digital age (Zoom 505 Guitar, Yamaha GW-10).

#Gear #GearTalk #GearSquad #GuitarPedals #TheyWorkOnSynthsToo

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Paid an average of about $50 for most of these. The Boss distortion and compressor were exactly $50 each, the Zoom MS-CDR70 was $65 used from Guitar Center. The boutique pedal is worth about $150 but I got it in a trade for another boutique pedal (Catalinbread Bicycle Delay) that was part of a larger trade including a bunch of Eurorack modules and a crap microphone. The others I paid $25 for, as part of my "buy any working FX unit that is $25 or less" plan.

(Edit: Bought the KAOSS Pad new)

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The Catalinbread Echorec can be distinctly heard on the bass of "Psychedelic Ghost Story." KAOSS Pad is on dozens of recordings I've done over the years (I bought it new around 2000, I think) but I'm not sure if it's on anything I've released (it probably is, just can't think of what off the top of my head). I know I used the 505 on a couple tracks on Tales of Etherspace but I can't recall which ones. The MS-70CDR is on a bunch of stuff too, but nothing stands out.

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Update: don’t talk to me or my son ever again. I’ll get more in depth later but spoiler alert, they uhhh do not sound the same.


This is the 4+1 Patch Module which gives you the ability to route your signals off your pedal board easily. It is equipped with 4 pairs of 6.35mm (1/4'') jacks and a pair of 5-pin MIDI connectors. (more specs in the first comment)


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Guitar pedal people, check out these great-sounding budget units ($99!!!) from ALABS in Indonesia:

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Alright , I want your thoughts. One of my friends is selling off his synths and pedal collections to get a more focused setup. I'm thinking of nabbing a few for myself to add to my own excessive collection. 😆

What I want to know: what would everyone else choose to grab before he sells them off?

What I have, for reference:

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@LadyMarth01 If I didn’t already have the Deco I’d grab that. Also the Chase Bliss Mood but I have two delay pedals with loopers now so my pocketbook says no way. 😀

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An update for the :

My friend sold his synth and pedal collections. His Boss pedal collection has begun with a BF-2, FZ-1W, TE-2, and a CS-2. For synths, he's nabbed a Soma Laboratory Lyra-8 and a Nord Drum 3P, and is trying to decide which Sequential synth he wants to pick up. (Probably a Prophet 5.)

This is what I've bought from him: the Moog Grandmother, Strymon Deco, DigDugDIY Purple Rain Supreme, Emerald Ox Chimeric Percolator, FuzzHugger Doom Bloom, and Chase Bliss Mood.

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Couldn't resist getting yet another fuzz.

The Fever Dream, by Pine-Box Customs and Mask Audio Electronics is a fuzz with a modulatable resonant filter.

Oh, and a CB radio microphone which runs through the fuzz and filter, naturally.

It's a noisy thing, more than capable of overwhelming your guitar playing with the resonance of the filter. Dial it back a bit, or roll down your guitar's volume, and it's much friendlier.

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@LadyMarth01 Convoy! Breaker breaker channel 17 come back, Bandit! Oh that is epic.

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Anyone else build guitar pedals? Been enjoying some of the weirder ones lately. Hoping to do a video where I run synths through them, but here's some guitar noodling

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@etherdiver @jepyang I haven't had the pleasure. I almost got into DIY synths too, but have so far stayed away for fear of too many rabbit holes (though I do repair stuff here and there)

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@etherdiver @baymud Ya know I don’t think I’ve ever built a single pedal, which is actually weird


King, Duke and Lillian. It looks like I will never buy Wampler Belle because I can always get something else quicker. Last year Belle wasn't available anywhere. Now I could get today or wait a week for Belle.

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Just recently got in on the weekly Prince of Tone drop. The default treble trim pot was way too dark, much better after adjusting. Mostly keeping it in the OD mode so far. I got the Carcosa around the same time, too. What's the Lillian?


@baronvonj My Duke had treble trim pot set too bright. I turned it almost completely off. Now it it sounds better to my ears. I have tried it with few settings. Distortion is most useful for me but I have found some uses for OD too. I like how Duke seems to work with everything I use it with.

Lillian is Walrus Audio's phaser. Quite basic phaser but does the job like all the other Walrus Audio's analog modulation pedals. They just work well.


This is a variation of our classic TrebleDrive, a vintage dual treble-booster, with Brian May and RangeMaster vibes. It offers two discrete circuit topologies & sound 'characters'. The two sides can be used as two separate pedals working independently but they can also be placed in series.
Each side is equipped with:

  • its own footswitch

  • a pair of separate Input/Output jacks

  • a Range and a Volume knob

  • Right side (MAY): A circuit built around the BC237 transistor. This side offers you a classic Brian May sound.

  • Left Side (APRIL) A circuit (with a little more gain compared to the MAY side) built around the BC108 transistor & having as starting point the classic RangeMaster.


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