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Alright #GearSquad, I want your thoughts. One of my friends is selling off his synths and pedal collections to get a more focused setup. I'm thinking of nabbing a few for myself to add to my own excessive collection. 😆

What I want to know: what would everyone else choose to grab before he sells them off?

What I have, for reference:

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An update for the :

My friend sold his synth and pedal collections. His Boss pedal collection has begun with a BF-2, FZ-1W, TE-2, and a CS-2. For synths, he's nabbed a Soma Laboratory Lyra-8 and a Nord Drum 3P, and is trying to decide which Sequential synth he wants to pick up. (Probably a Prophet 5.)

This is what I've bought from him: the Moog Grandmother, Strymon Deco, DigDugDIY Purple Rain Supreme, Emerald Ox Chimeric Percolator, FuzzHugger Doom Bloom, and Chase Bliss Mood.

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@LadyMarth01 sorry, I mean the Grandmother!!!! Lol! Matriarch is on my brain bc I was researching it last night :blobcatcoffee:

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@ambergrey I wish it was a Matriarch! 😆

This is the point where I ashamedly admit that I haven't plugged in the Grandmother since I bought it. 😅 Too many hobbies, so little time! I'm also ~700 miles away from it, so I can't try it now.

My memories of the Grandmother from fiddling with it are of it having a wonderfully warm sound with great saturation from the mixer, and the spring reverb doing a great job filling out the sound.

I'll have to plug it in when I get home!

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@LadyMarth01 what do you think of the matriarch so far? Gorgeous choices!

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@LadyMarth01 Well chosen! These old synths do look like so much fun.

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@muz4now Despite being visually and internally inspired by older synths, the Grandmother launched in 2018. Definitely lots of fun, though.

Older synths definitely have charm to them. There's a reason there are plenty of reissues, or some modern synths include controls to introduce intentional "flaws" to reproduce classic synth sounds.

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@LadyMarth01 Spot on

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@LadyMarth01 If I didn’t already have the Deco I’d grab that. Also the Chase Bliss Mood but I have two delay pedals with loopers now so my pocketbook says no way. 😀

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@NigelTufnel I already have the Microcosm, which sort of hits some of the same notes as the Mood. Despite that, I've had some thoughts about picking up the new stereo version down the road, though. Shouldn't, but thoughts. 😆

As for the Deco, it's pretty sweet. I know I have plenty of options to get delay/flange, but the tape saturation is sweet, and Andy really sells the pedal.

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@LadyMarth01 Just take the BD-2 clone. It is my longest-lasting always-on foundation overdrive, love it.
The make noise stuff I'm longing for since ever, but the strega might be a bit to niche?

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@mixal In messing with the Cinders, I found the EAE Halberd can get into the same ballpark. (It also had overlap with the Catalinbread Dreamcoat, although that has some unique features of its own.) Shocking take about the BD-2 and clones of it: I think it sounds great. 😆

I found I don't quite gel with the Make Noise stuff. There's an intentional obtuseness to their interface design that doesn't work for me. Good gear, though.

What I ended up getting, if you missed it:

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@LadyMarth01 The three Pedals in the middle I don't know, but the chase bliss stuff is just crazy. And for the Moog - congratulations, especially since that company is probably up for a change.

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@LadyMarth01 Wow. I've heard of some of if those pedals.
Now that I know that compression is what got pickups and stacked gain pedals do, without the dirt, the next pedal for me might be a compressor.
Fun thread!

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@eyesquash Compressors are definitely a great tool. I'm plenty happy with my EQD The Warden, and I know my friend was very pleased with the DryBell Unit67 before he decided to sell everything.

Walrus Audio has discontinued the Mira and slashed the price of it, so that might be worth looking into.

Also something worth thinking about: where you put your compressor in the chain. Before dirt will give you tonal consistency; after will allow for picking dynamics while giving volume consistency.

A reddit post by /u/jrob1977 (continued): Consider modulation effects. | probably want to run compression AFTER a phaser or flanger, because phasers and flangers often have inconsistent volumes at different parts of their sweep ... especially at slow settings. Compression after phase and flange wil prevent any annoyingly loud volume peaks at the "top” of the sweep, while boosting the volume at the quiet "bottom” of the sweep. Strangely, | would probably want compression BEFORE a tremolo, even though tremolo usually results in a volume dip. However, I'd be concerned that a compressor after the trem would either weaken the tremolo effect (boosting the bottom of the sweep and squishing the top of the sweep) or just add noise between the notes of a choppy tremolo. You generally want compression BEFORE delay, because the compressor will mess with the delay mix level, making dry signal quieter and repeats louder than set on the mix control of the delay. Permalink:

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@LadyMarth01 I have a JHS Pulp N Peel. After blowing out the soundboard at an open mic night with my bass by hitting it too hard, I use it with the bass full time. So now the guitar could use one. :)

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@LadyMarth01 The Chase Bliss is the only thing that stands out for me, but it's because I've already got things that cover everything else. The Behringer Dfam clone is on its way to me, so that kind of cuts that out, obviously the Grandmother is class but I've enough main synths. It's a shame Chase Bliss pedals cost so much money.

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@limneticvillains "I've enough main synths"

I'm not sure that I understand this sequence of words. 😆


@LadyMarth01 @limneticvillains seems like the kinda guy who might also be satisfied with the number of pedals he has 😳😋🤣

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@benda @limneticvillains The correct number of pedals to own is always at least n+1, where n is the number of pedals you currently have.

The same is true for synths, guitars, etc. 😆

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@LadyMarth01 @benda Yeah I dunno about the synths, don't get me wrong I love em, but I don't want a room full of them. I could probably fit a Lyra 8 and one of those wasp clones in, but give me a break on the long keybed boys, I don't need em.

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@limneticvillains @benda That's what the desktop synthesizers are for: more synths, but without the keybeds!

(I wish my PWM Malevolent and Korg Opsix were available as modules. I know there's conversion kits, but...)

Funnily enough, my friend that's selling these synths and guitar pedals was thinking about getting the Lyra 8. It's a pretty neat piece of gear from what I've seen.

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@LadyMarth01 @benda My friend has one and it is pretty cool and unusual. I kind of only want the most unusual or the weirdest and cheapest now.

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@LadyMarth01 The Chase Bliss Mood for sure! Curious about the Harmonic Percolator though, what's that do?

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@RuVerb The harmonic percolator is a bit of an oddball fuzz pedal from the '70s with a fairly unique sound. Due to the small scope of its initial production, it didn't really take off until Shellac helped bring it into popular consciousness, with plenty of clones of it available now.

The Chimeric Percolator goes beyond the standard Harmonics (gain) and Balance (volume), adding knobs and switches for most of the innards to "break" the circuit in interesting ways.

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@RuVerb If it wasn't obvious, the Chimeric Percolator is on my short list of pedals to pick up.

...Despite me owning two harmonic percolators already: the Percolator side of the EAE Dude Incredible, and the second stage of the MAE Part Garden. 😆

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@LadyMarth01 honestly this collection is epic..I don’t see a non useful choice and I want them all lol :blobcatcoffee:

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@ambergrey If I had the money and space, I'd be tempted to buy almost all of it. Unfortunately, both are limiting factors. 😞


@LadyMarth01 the T-120 is a fabulous delay pedal.

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    @Klumpmeister I only messed around with the Model:Samples once several months (a year...?) ago, but I remember it seeming surprisingly intuitive and powerful.

    That said, given I do most of my playing and (very infrequent) recording right by my computer, I'm not sure what I'd gain from using the Model:Samples over a MIDI controller and a DAW.


    @LadyMarth01 not me personally bc I already have one, but YOU should grab the moog grandmother if the price is right.

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    @benda Despite having multiple analog monosynths, the Grandmother is definitely tempting. Loved playing around with it when I've had the chance. Was able to get some pretty cool "haunted" sounds by patching an oscillator directly to the reverb, then using just the output of the reverb.


    @LadyMarth01 yeah and you can patch whatever else you want into it as well, including your guitar 😎 if I only had one monosynth, that would be the one.

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    @benda But the One is a polysynth! 😛


    @LadyMarth01 oh I didn't see that as an option!!
    you do you comrade. I can't stand synths with stored patches lol drives me nuts to have a sound and not know how I created that sound. I need my knobs to be accurate 🤷

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    @benda Oh, no, the One is definitely not an option, it was just me telling a really, really dumb joke.

    "If I had only one monosynth, that would be the One."


    @LadyMarth01 oooooh hahahahaha
    sorry, I'm stoned and was bouncing between threads and watching the news. that was a good joke!! 😊

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