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GabrielBell12fi, in Downvote me all you want, but I have to complain. Most bad things in the series would never happen— especially to Harry— if people just talked, explained, or defended themselves like human beings.
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I say this with as much respect as possible – which is very little (if I am honest) – but do you not understand how fiction works?

If characters in a story – any story – reacted how most people would it would be BORING AS FUCK.

The entire point of heroes, or protagonists, or whatever they are called, is that they don’t react like normal people would.

If they did they wouldn’t be heroes. And then we wouldn’t have a story.

If Romeo and Juliet had behaved like sensible adults then no one would ever have heard of them because they would have waited until they were grown up and then run away together. But that wouldn’t have made a good story.

If Luke Skywalker had any fucking sense he would have stayed home and not got involved. But then he wouldn’t have been a hero. Also he’d have been killed by The Empire. But that’s beside the point.


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  1. You don’t have any imagination
  2. Why the hell are you attributing your claim to heroes specifically? What does that have to do with anything?
  3. Man have you not seen a lot of fiction. People react realistically in a ton of them all the time, including kids shows like Avatar: TLA and Steven Universe
  4. My novel has people reacting realistically the entire way through, and it’s a science fantasy
  5. Luke Skywalker acted realistically. He wanted to leave and join the fucking resistance like his friends. Just like a lot of real-life people would, especially the oppressed. Hell, how many people did 9/11 cause to join the military? Hell, how many people join the military without having suffered tragedy?
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1 – I have a surprising amount of imagination. More than I need, to be honest. 2 – Because villains CLEARLY don’t react to events with the reactions of “normal, sensible people”. If villains reacted with common sense, then they wouldn’t try to blow up the fucking world every two minutes. They would talk it through. They would sit down with the good guys, or go to therapy. 3 – See 1, but substitute “fiction” for “imagination” 4 – Good for you. I am sure your parents are very proud of you. Unless you’re an orphan, then I apologise for bringing up your parents. 5 – Luke wanted to join The Empire, not the resistance. What do you think “Transmit my application to the academy” meant? He was signing up to be a good little fascist just like all the other fascists.

orphiebaby, (edited )
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Okay, so all your stupid points are not worth addressing, but you should definitely know that Luke’s goal was to join his friends Biggs and Wedge in the resistance, and he finally did. And everyone on Earth who paid attention enough to know he was trying to join the military knows whose side he was trying to join. Not to mention his goals in the first movie constantly align with rescuing the rebel princess and spiting the Empire. You seem to like to make shit up.

dudinax, in Temp cat

Next week: cat pukes in the middle of the floor. Walks off like nothing happens. Cut to obviously wasted McGonagall getting lectured.

dudinax, in Temp cat

Ogion wouldn’t have been fooled.

prettybunnys, in Temp cat

The fact that the last two panels weren’t a recreation of the lady yelling at a cat meme is a travesty.


Originality? Boooo

infotainment, in 9 found! only 3 left to go!
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Nice! Gotta catch em all!

O_i, in Uncle Vernon's favorite ASMR trigger to fall asleep ✉️🔥 (Harry Potter) | (Unbelievable execution!)

lol that’s pretty dark

eutampieri, in Update: Harry Potter Kinder Egg toys

Hey! I have Hermione and McGonagall

MrJameGumb, (edited )
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Awesome! I just grabbed another one at the gas station I hope it has McGonagall or Snape!

Edit: I got Mad Eye Moody, which is still pretty cool!


In which country do you live? Or, more generally, do you live in Europe?

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I live in the USA. We never got real Kinder Eggs/Kinder Surprise here because of some very silly laws, so we got “Kinder Joy” instead lol



Well, you get the same prizes/“surprises” though!

GabrielBell12fi, in Update: Harry Potter Kinder Egg toys
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You don’t have to answer this, but just how many eggs have you had to go through to find these five?

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About 8. I’m going to grab two more today lol

threelonmusketeers, in Warner Bros. Studio Tour London celebrates Prisoner of Azkaban's 20th anniversary with "Return to Azkaban" | Wizarding World

It is one of my favourites as well. The third movie does mark the start of them cutting plot points for the sake of time, but Cuarón’s cinematography was absolutely stunning. I just wish we had gotten more. Perhaps with the new series we may.

Historical_General, in Why isn't there a Harry Potter-themed Lemmy instance yet?

The current demographic like fantasy in general I suspect, but are less fanatic about the books, pop culture, merchandise or even fanfiction aspects of the Harry Potter franchise.

threelonmusketeers, in Just got these new Harry Potter Kinder Egg toys!

Nice! I can’t quite get a sense of scale though. Did they fit in the eggs?

@MrJameGumb@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah, they come in two halves. Here in the US its actually called “Kinder Joy” and there is no chocolate egg, it’s a plastic egg with chocolate in one half and the toy in the other!


Yeah, they’re small. Had them here for a few months. They have two halves to be assembled and a hole through which you loop the string. They are doing other franchises too IIRC, had something that I threw away in this style

constantokra, in Did Sybill Trelawney make other prophecies?

Most of the predictions she makes in the books do come true, she’s just clueless about the context of any of it. I suspect dumbledore keeps her around in the castle because she does see from time to time. He’s likely more concerned with keeping others from hearing them than hearing them himself.

AA5B, (edited ) in A nice perspective discussing Ron's attitude towards Hermione

It’s hard to get past him saying she’s from USA. I know it’s just a turn of phrase and I have no particular affinity for it being UK but the setting was very prominent in the stories so you really need to get the country right. I mean fine, no one outside the British Isles really understands the overlapping grouping names there, but this is an entire ocean off

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I would encourage you to have goodwill and assume that when he spoke about Hermione being from the US, he wasn't referring to her actual origin, but rather emphasising that she had a normal background similar to his students in the US. This is how I interpreted it.


It is still so strange how much more wholesome Lemmy is than Reddit. It’s been several months and maybe I can’t get Reddit entirely out of my head


While it was likely just figurative speech, I will pedantically mention that if “Muggletown, USA” existed, it would likely be named “No-Maj-town, USA”.

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Well spotted, ha ha

threelonmusketeers, in A nice perspective discussing Ron's attitude towards Hermione

Where is he getting the idea that Ron resents Hermione? They bicker with each other, for sure, but I always felt that that came from a place of love, not resentment.

Also, while Hermione may be more skilled at magic academically, there are many examples of Ron knowing more about the magical world and magical culture. Sadly, many of these moments were cut from the films, or reassigned to Hermione.


I agree completely. I do not remember any nuances like that from the books.

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Ron being rude was the reason Hermione was in the bathroom when the troll attacked the school. 🙄

"Oh, well done!" cried Professor Flitwick, clapping. "Everyone see here, Miss Granger's done it!"

Ron was in a very bad mood by the end of the class.

"It's no wonder no one can stand her," he said to Harry as they pushed their way into the crowded corridor, "she's a nightmare, honestly."
Someone knocked into Harry as they hurried past him. It was Hermione. Harry caught a glimpse of her face -- and was startled to see that she was in tears.

"I think she heard you. "

"So?" said Ron, but he looked a bit uncomfortable. "She must've noticed she's got no friends. "

Hermione didn't turn up for the next class and wasn't seen all afternoon. On their way down to the Great Hall for the Halloween feast, Harry and Ron overheard Parvati Patil telling her friend Lavender that Hermione was crying in the girls' bathroom and wanted to be left alone. Ron looked still more awkward at this, but a moment later they had entered the Great Hall, where the Halloween decorations put Hermione out of their minds.



True, but prior to the Troll Incident, Ron was “the guy” guiding Harry through the magical world. So I don’t see how that could be the source of Ron’s dislike of Hermione. Ron’s opinion of Hermione also improved dramatically after the Troll Incident, once she relaxes a bit.

Deykun, in A nice perspective discussing Ron's attitude towards Hermione
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