Never heard of it, looked it up, and no kidding the chad just throw a spear at a drone randomly lol.


Here is the link with site tracking removed:

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Good meatbag

ArmoredThirteen, (edited )

iirc this was fairly early in drone history and people were even more angry about them existing than they are now. They’re pretty loud too I bet it was really fucking with the immersion

Edit: There is disagreement about the story. I’m at work and honestly don’t care enough to dig into a 7 year old event so just want to say “iirc” means maybe I’m not correct idk. If someone has a proper source instead of more guessing, post a link


Yeah, imagine going to a themed event like this, and all you hear is the annoying buzz. Especially since the drone was flying rather low, and especially because something started happening in the front there.


iirc the drone was there at the behest of the event organizers to collect footage of the event itself. It wasn’t just some wanker out to take his toy for a spin.


Yall are trippin on your own shit.

The guy who threw the spear basically said he saw his opportunity for fun and took it. He also offered to pay back the owner of the drone, but the drone operator said the footage was payment enough basically.

But yeah i get it, drone bad and whatnot.


Yeah, drone bad. Dude did it for fun. 30 other people there probably weren’t amused. But what are you going to do, start arguments with a drone operator?


The first article I could find literally says he did it out of annoyance. I’m finding some sources saying he did not expect to actually hit it. Granted I’m not finding a lot of info on this so if anyone here has some proper sources to share I’d also love to know the story and I can edit my comment if needed


I guess if he was pissed, he wouldn’t completely admit to that after hitting the drone


Prehistoric drone era

pelletbucket, avatar

wasn’t that technically like a massive FAA violation


1-2 thousands years from now, this would be featured in the weekly AI generated ‘10 mysterious artifacts from the 2000’s meme culture’ video, along side the 9gag meme rock or ‘the josh fight ground’


Cool Viking.



nilloc, (edited )

Yes, carved. If you look at the outlines, especially the lower right corner dragon area, you can see highlights where the relief carving along the lines is visible.

sagrotan, avatar

He legend.


I am Hollywood

e_mc2, (edited )

Always stay in character! Absolutely hilarious, I love it.



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